Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chapter 7 - National Childrens Day

It is national childrens day today and they had a cute program at the orphanage.  We thought we would be leaving to start the other adoption but that wont happen until tomorrow.  Well thats than plan today anyway, things always change around here!  Our meeting with the head administrator went fine.  It only took about 20 min.  And guess who over 5 min went to????  Roc!  She asked Roc how long she has been with us, what she studies in school, what she wants to be and what she thinks about more brothers and sisters.  Roxana did very well!!  Asked us why we wanted to adopt DS children, if we have money for Dani surgery and if we will be doing that surgery right away.  She came right out and asked if we get paid for having Luke and Josh live with us.  No beating around the bush for her!!
After the program was over at the orphanage we decided to just walk around.  The day before we walked down to the Black Sea and Roc went swimming for awhile.  Today we just started walking and after about 2 hours we thought we would try the trolly.  We got in, sat down and 5 min later a gal that works on the trolly said something to me and I just pointed to Ken!!  Let him take care of that stuff!! lol!!!  You can ride the trolly for 1 dollar a person to where ever you want.  We got off the trolly and then decided we would try the bus.  Hey why not?  We have nothing better to do than to see what it is all about living here!  We saw our flat coming up but didnt know how to tell the guy we wanted off.  We watched how people were doing it and it seems like you tell him you want to stop in 2 blocks and then lay some money down on the seat next to him.  So we drove by our flat and Ken just laid some money down and we were let off at the train station.  We just decided to walk back to the flat from there.  Stopped and picked up some water and juice and now we are home.
The program was really cute and the orphanage seems to be a really nice place for the kids.  They were all dressed up in costumes and sang and danced.  I even saw a bunch of RR kids in the play!!!  Josh and Luke sat with some caretakers and watched the kids performe.  They did really well just sitting there watching for 1/2 hour!  Then all the kids got a toy when they were done!  Very cute and fun for everyone.
We are pretty pooped out and I think it will be a very early night for us!


  1. Thinking of you all, I really look forward to your post everyday!

  2. I am loving following your journey. Can you remind us what orphanage you are in? if you cant thats ok too..i just wondered. Can not wait for you to meet dennis ~~


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