Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bunch of Chapters........lost count!

I know, I know.........We had court for Denis last Wednesday and it went without a hitch.  After court we went on one more visit with our boy and then headed for the train station to come back to Odessa to do the last of the paperwork for our three kids here and then pick them up!!  On Sunday we will take the train back and finish up Denis's paperwork.  While Ken is doing the running I will be going to the orphanage to take Denis OUT of the orphanage!  We have been here 5 weeks already but it doesnt really feel like it.  We have been busy running from place to place and from region to region that truly the days just fly by.  On our down days we visit with the kids and try to take in as much as the Ukrainian culture as we can.  We have met some of the most amazing people here and we love to just sit and talk with them.  The only hard part for me has been seeing all these kids longing for a family!  We were going to fly home after court and come back when Denis's 10 day wait was up but when we called home to talk it over with the kids they were very upset and some even cried that we would come home without the four new additions!!  Guess they dont miss mom to much!!  hehehehe!!  So we have decided to just continue on and stay until ALL 7 of us can come home together!!  Thank you for your continued support, well wishes and prayers!!!!  We really appreciate them!


  1. SO GLAD to hear from you again here! I'm happy that you do not seem to be bored. Hope that you are all well and safe. Can't wait to see some more photos of the kids. They are all so precious.

  2. Oh, God Bless them, you have wonderful kids waiting at home! I have been thinking of you and am happy to hear court went well wth Denis and that soon you will have all your little ones out for good!

  3. glad everything went so well! cant wait to see you all come home ....TOGETHER!!!!! how awesome!

  4. Such wonderful adventures the Lord's taking you all on! :D I'm so happy to hear court went well & that sweet little Denis is now family bound! What a HUGE blessing your family is to heed God's call on such a big adventure :) So happy you ALL will be coming home soon...That plane ride? Now that will be another fun adventure all on it's own, lol Yay! :D

  5. You are just incredible, amazing people!

  6. Hey guys don't forget to let me know when your in town.

  7. SO exciting!!!!!!!!!

  8. I found your blog via the RR website. (We are seriously considering and praying about adopting 2 or 3 HIV positive children.) I've been crying all over my computer keyboard reading your story. May God tremendously bless you in your obedience to care for orphans.

    Much Love,

  9. so glad to see that you are adopting four. We have committed to three, but are approved for four children.

    So happy for you!!!

    God Bless,
    Amy Land


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