Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chapter 6 - A Very Good Day!

Today was a good day all the way around.  We bought more minutes for the 3G modem so I can post some pictures!  Our first visit with the kids went well and as you can see by the first two photos, Roc kept her word to herself.  She played with not only our kids but ALL the kids.  I think the caretaker LOVED it!!!  Gave her a break.  It started out by two little ones coming over to are little area where we were playing with our kids.  They wanted to see us and what we all had in my big bag of GOODIES!!!  Which by the way Dani LOVES to dig through!  Then the caretaker came to get them but they really were not listening so Roc asked us if she could bring them back and play with all of them.  We told her to go for it!

So here is Josh.  Funny, loves to laugh, LOVES to climb, loves to chew!  Poor thing has had two surgeries and still needs more.  All on his cleft palate.  Heart is healthy.  He has some sort of chest deformity but not sure what they are talking about.  It is hard to get things through translation and the quick go through files that they do.  So obviously he will be checked once home with all the other kids.  His look reminds me of a little old man and I just LOVE it.  Ken and Roc think I'm crazy but I just think he is soooooo cute!!!

Diana, pronounced Deanna, is a sly, sneaky, precious, so cute and tiny!  She is tinier than I thought she would be.  She just didn't look that small on the RR site.  She is LOUD!!  She loves, loves, loves balloons and banana's!  She thinks she can do anything without any help like pour water from a big water bottle to a little water bottle.  Didn't work out so well for her.  She also loves digging in my bag of fun stuff but always ends up with a balloon, or 10.  She is very patient with Josh and Luke.  She is in the same group as Josh so they get along well.

And now for Luke.  He has changed so much just like all of you said!  He loves to wrap are arms around him.  It cannot be just one hand/arm, but BOTH.  He loves to stomp and jump up and down.  He really likes it when Roc brings him inside. The gentleman who sits and lets people in and out is very nice to us and told Roc that she is more than welcome to bring Luke in to play if she wants.  Roc brings him inside to a room where no other kids are.  In fact no kids have been in that building at all since we have been there.  We think they use it for the plays and stuff that the kids put on.  Anyway, she brings him in there to a room that has hardwood flooring.  She stomps and dances all around him and he just laughs and giggles at her!  While she is doing it he is clapping and having a ball.  Then of course when she stops its his turn!  He just stomps and smiles.
Luke also has some sort of deformed chest that they talked about?  He does have heart issues that have to be checked and one of his kidneys is in the wrong place? 
It took us a little longer with Luke but we can see it slowly happening.

We have are meeting with the head of the authorities to ask us the questions of why once again.  This is, we think, the last piece of paper before we start with Dennis.  Some confusion with Yulia and our facilitator down here but we will find out tomorrow. 
Thank you everyone for your advice, well wishes, hopes and prayers!!!  We are not even half way through all this so keep them all coming!!!  You don't know what it means to us!  It helps so much!


  1. Have the two boys with the chest deformity both had heart surgery already? It could be a bony growth that sometimes happens as the sternum heals. Or, if they haven't had surgery, it could be a Pectus carinatum, or "pigeon chest". (looks kind of like a sunken in chest. You would be able to feel it through their shirts.) Which is sort of common among kids with DS.

    I'm so glad things are improving with Luke! It sounds like he's becoming very comfortable with you. When you get back home, and all settled, I'd love to come meet your family. We live in Eagan, so not that far away. And, when God gets his way, we'll be adopting a little girl from Serbia who I met in April!

  2. They look beautiful!! I am so glad that Luke is becoming more relaxed. Thanks for blogging - we are not far behind you and going to Odessa also so ANY info.. .tidbits etc. is SO HELPFUL... Longing to be there and getting my Aaron! Always praying for you!


  3. my daughter that has had open heart has the bony growth thing that leah was talking about. your guys (and girl!) are sooooo cute!!!! you guys sound like you are doing great! cant wait to see your next little guy!

  4. Nance, the children look wonderful and happy to be with you! I just love reading your posts. Very informative and uplifting.

  5. Awww, they are SOOO cute! Luke really looks to be warming up too :)

    It looks beautiful there, all green and lush. Very nice.

    I sure hope you have some news for me tomorrow :) and pictures. no pressure though. NOT!

  6. I got up EXTRA early today to see if you had a new post......

    Come on, you guys are out there living the exciting life and we're still stuck here in borrrrring MN.

    Lets here it, and see some more pics! :) :)

  7. Oh my gosh they are SO cute!! Hope the legal things work out smooth and quickly.

  8. they are all just beautiful. luke looks like he is engaging well so that is awesome ! So very amazed and in awe of your sweet family saving these 4 beautiful children. you rock !

  9. Nance - I have been reading your posts daily. . . mostly w/tears in my eyes! How exciting for all of you! God Bless


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