Monday, March 15, 2010

His Style

Okay, so the other day I was sitting at the table waiting for James to come home from school.  He came running in to tell me that he has a friend that is a girl.  Well, some girl said that he was her "friend".  Now me being me ask him, aren't all the kids in your class your friends?  Yes mom but she is my friend!  I know James but all of the kids in your class are your friends right?  Yes mom but its like when Im in gym and do something, ALL the girls smile and laugh and ALL the boys look at me like this ( he puts a frown on his face).  Well aren't the boys in your class your friends?  Yes mom but, but, but.....its like the girls like my "style".  Oh , I didnt realize you have a "style"  what is it?  Its like when I wear my nice shirts and Roc fixes my hair (with mouse) and the way I act.  They like my "style".  Oh I get it!  Hey James, do you know you are 7?  Yes mom but I will be 8 in May!  Oh, I see.  Hey James, do you know you are only 8???  Ya mom, can you cut my hair so Roc can fix it better and can you call me Jim?  Well far be it from me to stand in my sons "style"!!!!
Oh brother, I cant really tell a whole lot of difference in JIMS style but as long as his style is back and he is happy that is all that really matters!  Im sure I made all the 7yr old girls happy too!!!

On the adoption front we are just waiting for our I171 to show up in the mail.  We are still planning to bring all four of the kids home, God willing!

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