Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter 8 - It aint all about the KIDS!

Tuesday night we ran out of min for internet.  We tried all night trying to get min put on but it didnt happen.  Wednesday morning Ken went back down to where we bought it to see if they could help.  They gave him a special password to log in with and now we had to wait 24 hours to actually log in and have everything up and running.  That morning I woke up 3 different times to the dogs outside barking.  Once at midnight, then at 2 and then again at 4:30.  I decided to yell from my 7th floor window to shush up and they looked around like who the heck is telling me to shush??  It worked though!  I sat and watched them for the next 1/2 hour or so.  As I was watching them and the people trying to get by them without being totally attached I thought to myself, why in the world would you keep taking the same route to work or where ever you are going?  Why walk that way if you have to beat these dogs away from you?
We all got ready to head on down to the administration office again because our papers were ready to be signed for us to get a court date.  Our driver/helper for the day was a lady that helped us once before and she seemed very nice.  We got stuck in traffic and arrived 25 min late and the administration was yelling at us.  Well it all sounds like yelling to me, probably isnt!  We signed the papers and headed for the teeny tiny elevator.  Now remember, one of the reasons I hate trains, planes and automobiles isnt all about the motion.  Its being in teeny tiny places!!!!  So we just about get to floor 1 and you guessed it it stopped!!!!  Come to find out I'm not the only one that hates teeny tiny places.  Our helper started to freak out which by no means helped me!!!!  She speaks very little english and I begged her to please stop, it wasnt helping me at all!  Poor Ken and Roc!  We pushed the button a couple times but it didnt work.  The worker started praying when someone (cant even remember) pushed floor 4.  Thank goodness it started moving and the worker and I pushed Roc and Ken to the side just to get out!  Poor Ken and Roc!
She then drove us to the orphanage where we had a REALLY great visit!  Luke was first to come walking out with a caretaker.  I started to walk towards them when all of the sudden Luke looked at me, pulled away from the worker and started running to me!!!!  The worker was surprised by this!  She couldnt believe it!  He was so happy that day, laughing and playing with us.  And to think, this was the little boy I wasnt sure about just 6 days prior!  The little boy that I wasnt sure would ever like me.  The little boy that I didnt think I could handle!  The little boy that some how some way worked his way into my heart for me to love the rest of my days on this earth!  Thank you God!
Josh and Dani were being Josh and Dani and we all had fund playing with bubbles and balloons and on the swing set!
We decided to walk and take the trolley home since it kills time and we get to see the sites.  We learned how the trolley works by hit or miss.  The first time it was a little old lady driving and when she came to her stop she just looked at us like what are you still doing on my trolley?  She started talking to us but I stopped her and said english.  She was so excited that she started talking even more to us!  Okay?  She then tried the best she could to tell us how it works and what trolley number we need next.  She did a great job and we now got it!  She shook kens hand and just kept talking to us.  To cute!
So it is now around 8 at night but still light out.  We were close to our flat and we could see our 20 story building from where we were.  We thought we would take the back way in to save us a few blocks of walking and to beat the dark.  As we started walking it became quite, not as many people around.  Ken said we should be coming up to the garages that we see from our window.  I said you mean where all the dogs hang out and bark?  Yup, there was the one dog, a german shepard, that I had just that morning yelled at.  Walked by him a little further and I looked up to my left and there was one big dog at the top of some steps.  As I looked forward again I saw two dogs looking at me and they began to bark.  I turned to look to see where the big boy was and he was on his way down the steps with a mission in his eyes.  I yelled, OH OH!!!  It all happened so fast. Ken told us to just stop but I didnt hear him and kept walking.  Roc yelled for me to stop and as I turned around Ken was trying to keep 4 dogs off of him.  Roc was behind him.  I walked back to them and now it was more like 7 dogs surrounding us!  A little scared doesnt even begin to explain what I was feeling!!!!  Ken told us to walk slowly back.  I was pushing Roc ahead of me thinking if I could get her far enough ahead of me she could then run and I could turn around to help Ken.  He usually has a pop bottle in his back pocket just have as a "weapon" per say.  On our long walk home Roc and I unfortunately threw them away so we wouldnt have to carry them!  oopsy!! (the dogs are barking as I type this)  He finally turned around and stomped his feet to scare them and it worked.  Plus the fact that we were walking out of their territory!  Once we got far enough away Ken told us that he had gotten bit.  I said I know because I saw the two dogs biting him.  I looked at his jeans and saw that he had holes in them from where he was bit.  I knew it wasnt good and Roc started to worry.  She was asking if they had their rabies shot and if it was just a little bite then that would be okay then right?  I told her that these dogs dont get shots like ours at home and that we would have to go to the hospital if once we got home and it didnt look good.  Ken and I both started to lighten the mood as to not make her so worried.  Ken was joking with her by asking her if he had foam coming out of his mouth!  She kept asking do you feel okay, are you alright.  Then I looked at him and was a little worried, this is what I saw.................

Should I be worried???????
I know, its nothing to joke about! 
Ken has a benefit working at 3M that if he gets hurt anywhere outside the US they will help him.  So he called the SOS number and asked what he should do.  They told him that he needs to get to a hospital for antibiotics and also they would fly him to London to get the rabie shots and vaccine.  After being on the phone with them for close to 2 hours trying to work this all out we found out the London was the closest place that had the vaccine.  He went to the hospital where they didnt want to do anything because they didnt want to be responsible.  They didnt have what he needed and told him he HAD to go get medicine for it because they already had 3 people die from dog bites that didnt do anything.  He has to get the shots within the first 72 hours.  Then another 3 days later, and another 7 days later.  Hopefully they will give him the medicine to bring back with him on his first visit!!  You know he just had to up Jodi one with her little tooth episode while she was here!!!!
So the plan is for Ken to leave tomorrow morning and return tomorrow evening.  Lets hope everything works out that way!  We leave Sunday to start Dennis's adoption!
Keep us in your prayers - It looks like we need them!!!!!
And yes, I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs.  We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!

    First of all, I love your sense of humor, that picture was hilarious :)

    But, oh poor Ken! This WAY trumps the root canal! I can't believe he has to fly to London! The dog problem must be way worse there than it was in Zap.
    Oh my goodness.

    I don't even know what else to say....of course, I haven't had my coffee yet, so there really isn't anything up there in my brain TO say.....

  2. oh my.....poor ken!

    im so glad that luke is loving him some mama time! so cute

  3. Oh goodness! Shut my mouth!

    Your poor husband! I HOPE that they will let him take the meds with him. What a tricky situation you are in now. Praying for the rest of your journey to be smooth sailing.

  4. Oh my, I am so sorry. Hope Ken is okay.

  5. Oh my word!! I am so very sorry for ken. I hope he isnt in any pain. bad bad doggies! praying for you guys!

  6. So sorry to hear this. I hope things work out.

  7. Hey neighbor! We are in MN too! I can't wait to see these sweeties home with you! We are adopting Alina from Ukraine!

  8. Oh my! Hope he gets (or got) back just fine. That would be scary.

    Can't wait to hear about your meeting with Dennis.

  9. OK, it's Saturday...I'm dying to know what's been going on :)


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