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Chapter 11 & 12............Its All About Denis!!!!

Here are pictures before I even write one more thing!

He is very, very little!! His cute little tiny hand! We were all surprised on just how little he is. The first day here was such a rush of activity that we forgot our camera!!! We have some photos on our phone but thanks to Jodi, Ken won't go buy me one so I still have no cord to get those onto the computer. So all of these pictures are from yesterday and today. The first day when we walked in they handed Denis to me and 5 min later came out with two bottles. One with mushed up food and the other with juice, both warm. They just handed them to me and left. So I got to feed him within ten minutes of meeting him!!! Denis was running a fever yesterday so we were given the names of some medicine to get for him and thankfully our missionary friends who live here and they were able to help us out! They talked to the doctor for us and ran and got the medicine. These are the people I got in contact with before we even got here. I was worried about Denis being transferred and I knew that Yulia and Serge were to busy to call down here to ask for him not to be transferred because we were coming for him. I didnt want to blog any of this before but I am now. I contacted them and asked them if they would go and talk to the director for us. The reason I knew they would keep him there for us is because of this BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL LETTER we receieved on the morning of April 12!!!!
Hello family!
Today some missionaries came to see me. They came into my room, but were not allowed to hold me. But, I saw them looking at me and smiling, and I saw hope in their faces.
These missionaries had a nice, long chat with the orphanage director and learned a lot of things about the process of adoptions and such here. They learned that the orphanage director really has nothing to do with the adoptions, the selection, or any of the process. All of this is done in the capital city, Kiev. They weren’t even allowed to take my picture, although they asked very nicely. They were told that it is against the law for the children to be photographed and “individualized.” Only the people in Kiev are allowed to have a picture of me and see my information.
The missionaries came to my orphanage because they wanted to ask the director if he would hold me a little longer in this orphanage… so I could be adopted by you. The orphanage director said he remembered that they were keeping me for a few extra weeks, but that my time was up and my papers for moving had been processed. But, I also heard him tell someone on the phone that they would wait. So, I am going to stay here and wait for you.
But, beginning May 1st, my country has a lot of back-to-back holidays. All of the government offices will be closed most of the days the first two weeks of the month. The orphanage director said you need to go ahead and come and try to get your work in Kiev done before May 1st if you can. When their offices open back up, they will be very, very busy catching up from those holidays.
The director could not understand, though, why there is such a big rush about adopting before the age of 4. He said that all kids here who are orphans can be adopted. He said that even though we are moved, we can still be adopted. If for some reason I have to be moved, please do not worry about me. They will know where I am moved and you can still get me!
The director said that no one would adopt me because I am very small, but the missionaries told him that there is a family who has already chosen me. He could not understand why people would chose to adopt children who have such serious medical conditions such as me. I am so glad that you love me anyways! I may be small, but I have a BIG heart!
Well, I had better go now. I can hardly wait to see you and have you hold me, love me, kiss me, and take me home with you!
Yours truly,
P.S. Here is the missionary husband’s cell phone number: -------He said you should call him as soon as possible and he will do everything he can to help you. His name is ---------, and he is a very nice man! He has the orphanage director’s personal phone number and the orphanage director has his as well.

They did not have to take time out of their busy lives for some person they have never met! For this I will ALWAYS be greatful to them!!! I took their names and number out because I have not asked for their permission to post that sort of information! They have been a true blessing!!!! We will finally get to meet tomorrow, face to face!
We brought 6 pieces of luggage and 5 is for donations to orphanages. I guess this has caused some "inconvience" for some of the people here! We had SO much luggage we were told!
I felt like strangling the people that complained about it!!!! It did not bother us ONE BIT about the dissatisfaction of others!!
The flat where we are staying at is 37.00 a night for those of you on your way to this region. Food is cheap as are the taxi rides to the orphanage. It is to far for us to walk and no trolley here. Train ride down here was around 110.00. That was for a sleeper car 4 people. If you buy for 4 people, then you dont have to share with strangers. It holds four people. The orphanage director here is Wonderful! Very nice man! The place is HUGE and there are A LOT of kids living here. They wont let us into any rooms like the orphanage in Odessa. We really see no kids up on the second floor. We sit on a little couch and wait for them to bring Denis to us. In Odessa we could pretty much go and do what we wanted! It was a much smaller orphanage.
We got to see the Godwins again today and meet their little beauty!!!
Kristies sister Megan, who is 14, came along to help out. Kristie comes from a family of 14 adopted and 4 bio kids. When they get home her parents are headed to adopt number 15!!! How cool is that??
Roxana is a little nervous around Denis. She is used to playing kind of rough with the kids, which they love, but she is a little scared she will drop Denis! To cute! We tell her that he won't break and that it is okay! We just never had anyone so little living in our house!!! EVER!!!
It only took about 15 min to teach Denis what a kiss was, he loved it and wanted to kiss us the rest of the visit!
So I will leave you with one of the sweetest giggles I have ever heard! It is PURE JOY!!!!!


  1. OH! MY goodness! He is a doll. I've been checking your blog HOURLY, knowing that you are there already. Love the letter. Aren't those missionary folks great? What a blessing they have been to me as well.

    Can't wait to hear even more great news from you. Let's see how fast you can get a court date there!

  2. Oh he is just so precious!! Love those kisses!!

  3. Beautiful laughter! I so wish we could have met....Maybe at some point, when we have all our kids. :)

  4. oh i love his giggle! too sweet!

  5. He is adorable! I watched the videos several times, I love that giggle!

    Come on Ken, buy a cord. Be a sport.

    :) Jodi

  6. oh my gosh, he is the cutest little thing!!!!! i know this hasnt been easy for you, but i am soooo glad you were able to add dennis to your family!!! bless you all!

  7. Hey, if your phone has bluetooth, and you have a new-ish laptop, then you can transfer your video files with bluetooth! (it's VERY EASY!, really!)

  8. Oh my gosh! That giggle is amazing!!!!! How could that giggle go without a family so long. I'm so glad you've found your way to him. A lifetime of giggles you're going to have. And wow, is he ever going to just take off in your family!

  9. Dear Fritz Family,

    "Lovin' you from Pennsylvania"---Dennis is a precious little guy! What a sweet laugh! Hoping to hear more about your adventures... thanks for paving the way for us!

    Hope to hear from you soon... (and see more giggly videos!)

    Can't wait to teach "the kiss move" to our little one...

    Dennis is sooooooo smart!

  10. Bless his little heart! He is adorable! Love his little giggle.:)

  11. Dennis is so adorable! WE have a Dennis too!

  12. Oh the giggle! and then the KISS! Absolutely precious and wonderful :)

  13. He is so sweet! My heart is filled with pure joy to see him with you guys...Thank you Lord! :)

  14. What a cutie pie!! He is adorable.

    What a great missionary group to help you like that.

  15. Hi! I have had a soft spot for Dennis in my heart for a long time. I have prayed for him and I am SO HAPPY that such a wonderful family is going to be his forever family. Thanks for posting the pictures and video, too! It made my day to hear his giggles and see his kiss. He is going to thrive so well once he gets home with you all. I can't wait to see him grow and learn the love a family! God bless you!!!!

  16. waiting patiently for chapter 13 ;) ok, not so patiently!


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