Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chapter 9 - Starting All Over

We leave tonight for Kiev so another 8 hour train ride to look forward to.  We start all over again for our boy Dennis!  We had our last visit with the kids and said our goodbyes.  None of them understood.  Dania thinks we are just people that come to visit.  Thats okay though, she will get it soon enough!  They all will!!
Ken returned from London on Saturday.  He had 7 shots injected right into where the dog bit him.  Then he had another shot in his arm.  They gave him the rest of the medicine for someone here to give him.  It has to stay cool so we came up with a way to do just that with all the traveling we are doing.  We bought a little lunch box type cooler and then filled two water bottles full of water and froze them.  Put the frozen bottles and medicine in the cooler and there ya have it.
Before we left we wanted to get a picture of the motley crew that did this to Ken.  I know, call us nuts but you really want to get a picture of what could have killed you.  So we started down the street again.  This time I WAS thinking and told Ken that since he had the vaccine now and can't get rabies he should go get the picture himself!  He agreed and walked till we couldnt see him anymore.  A few minuites later out comes Ken running like he had just seen a ghost!!  He got back to us and we asked did you get it, did you get it!  He said yup I got the picture of those vicious dogs and I know it was them because I will never forget what they looked like!  Here it is.  We are very sure it was the BIG white one with the brown spot that did all the damage!!

Hehehehe!!!  How CUTE are they!  Do you really think we would go BACK?????  No way, not even close!!
These are the puppies that live right accross from the orphanage.  I wanted to take one home but Ken says no way! Hes such a party pooper!  They have a dog that lives inside the gates of the orphanage so the kids are all aware of what a dog is.  That helps us since we have 3 waiting for us to get home.  
Here are some more pictures of three of the cutest kids ever.

Okay, four of the cutest kids EVER!!!!


  1. That cute little PUPPY? THAT'S what sent him to London???

    Hee hee heheeeeeeeeeeeee heeeee

    I was wrong, it DOESN'T trump the root canal!

  2. Ok, so I realize that last comment isn't going to get me any more pictures, so I've reconsidered... and that great BIG horrible looking dog looked FEROCIOUS! TRULY TERRIFYING ! I'm not kidding, and I'm not smiling here either.....;)

    Now that I've said that, do I still get pics????

    Sorry Ken, but I probably wouldn't have posted that picture....:) I was thinking it was some huge, monstorous, ugly thing...not the little guy from MY DOG SKIP.


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