Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Olga E

Adoption from Olga's region

Ok, I know I haven't been able too raise as much money as I would like for Olga E's adoption grant, but I've been in contact with several people who has adopted out of her region recently. They say that this is a fast and easy region, with easy travel and good accommodations. They also say that the orphanages are good, and the children well taken care of.
Please consider adopting Olga E, and spread the word about her, so her family can find her.

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PLEASE help spread the word about Olga and donate something to help get her home!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Much Change in 5 Months!

Remeber the first time we met Artem (Luke)? How scared I was. How I wasn't sure if it would be a good fit. How I wasn't sure if the kids at home might not be able to handle him. How this, that and the other thing. And then how you guys out there told me to give it time, it will be okay, wait till he gets out of those 4 walls he has been in his whole life? Remember?
All I can say is I am SO glad I listend to all of you!!! I cannot imagine my life with out Artem. For a little boy that was afraid of almost everything he sure has settled right into life at the Fritz Farm! Both Josh and Artem started school a few weeks ago where they are getting all sorts of therapy! Arti has learned to love bath time and brushing his teeth. He has learned to sign 'more' when wanting more food or more PLAY! LOL He has learned that when any of his sibling say no he can laugh at them but when mom or tata say no it means no!! To cute! (not for his older sisters though), and his first word was Bob! Why? Because my husband and my 30 yr old nephew call each other Bob for some reason. So he hears Bob a lot!!! So one day when we were all sitting here Arti just yelled BOB! Now he goes around the house saying Bob, Bob, Bob! But the best thing he has learned so far is to laugh, be happy and how getting BIG hugs and kisses from mom feels really, really good!!! Oh how I LOVE that boy!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Let Roc Know

When we went to Ukraine to adopt our four kids we knew we would need a little help with everything. We decided to bring Roc with us for a few reasons. One was that she really wanted to go. She worked for her ticket for months by selling corn on the cob door to door. Selling bracelets at school and all the different sports game the school was having. Shoveling driveways, mowing grass, raking leaves. You name it, she did it. She is a go getter!! Another reason was because where we were going was only around 250 miles away from where she was born. And yet another reason was because I thought it was important for her to see how some kids live. Not just in the orphanages but in a country not as wonderful as the US. There were some pretty difficult things that she saw and I know it has changed her life.
When we decided to continue on with our family blog, we also wanted to advocate for the orphans looking for a home. So Roc and I thought it would be meaningful for us to make a video showing and telling the story of the plight of orphans. So we did. Truth be told though, I'm not good at making a video, or getting a video on my blog, or knowing anything about it. The video sitting on the side called "Don't Pass Them By" is a video Roc made from her heart. A video of some of the kids we met. A video of some of the kids Roc played with. A video of where part of our hearts remain. Roxana is gone this weekend at her grandpas house. I want to do something fun for her about her video. I'm asking you to watch it and then comment on what you think of it. How you think she did. I think she did great but then again I'm only mom and I guess that's what I'm supposed to say. At least that's what Roc tells me! So let her hear from some of you who are not her mom on how she did, she will listen to you! LOL

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A HUGE Thank You

So if you watch the video on the side about Lica and her "star Power", you will know how this chain of events happened. 20 years ago we found Vasilica (Lica) on a news story our local station did. Don Shelby and Bob Cowan, the photographer, who did the story have been following Lica's life and doing updates on her every 5 or so years. So when we heard Don was retiring we kind of figured he would want to meet with Lica one last time. Never did we imagine it would be one of his most memorable stories he has done over the last 30 some years! Well, after the story aired the questions and comments started coming. I'm not sure my coworkers knew I had one adopted child let alone 10! And I know they didn't know how Lica became our daughter. I'm a pretty private person and I hate attention. I LOVE the attention my kids get and adoption in general but Ken and I are not good at asking for anything or sharing our life story. So when Tina, my supervisor and Kim, a coworker and friend came to me and said that they along with others in the office saw Lica's story and so they wanted to do something for our family, I was hesitant. They wanted to adopt our family for Christmas this year! Not just my department but all the other departments in the building! The whole "Silverbell" group at Blue Cross!!! I immediately said no, why pick my family. Lets pick a family that is in need! Well coworkers kept wanting to do something for us and so Tina asked me again. I talked it over with Ken and the kids and my dad. My dads response was "Well for crying out loud, you have 15 kids, let them do something nice for you!!!" Okay dad, first, I don't have 15 kids and thanks for seeing my point of view! Love that guy!!!!!!!
So anyway, we thought it was a VERY, VERY nice thing to do. We could save the money we would have spent on gifts for the kids to go toward the adoptions we are in the process of. And also, the kids would have a blast. It's kind of funny and heartwarming looking through what the kids wrote down. Lica just wanted ONE blond hair extension and a Reece's peanut butter cup, King Size. Kaylee wanted small rubber bands to do Jerlin's and Dani's hair with and Charley just wanted a big car to push around. James wanted a dinosaur and the other kids really didn't care what they got. How did I get so lucky with such great kids!?!? How did I get so lucky to have such great coworkers to do this for us?!?!
So this holiday season my family has been "adopted" in sorts by a group of people that have been touched by 10 very special kiddos! THANK YOU!
And to the little girl in the video who has grown into an amazing young lady.......Oh the lives she has touched!!!!

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