Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bunch of Chapters........lost count!

I know, I know.........We had court for Denis last Wednesday and it went without a hitch.  After court we went on one more visit with our boy and then headed for the train station to come back to Odessa to do the last of the paperwork for our three kids here and then pick them up!!  On Sunday we will take the train back and finish up Denis's paperwork.  While Ken is doing the running I will be going to the orphanage to take Denis OUT of the orphanage!  We have been here 5 weeks already but it doesnt really feel like it.  We have been busy running from place to place and from region to region that truly the days just fly by.  On our down days we visit with the kids and try to take in as much as the Ukrainian culture as we can.  We have met some of the most amazing people here and we love to just sit and talk with them.  The only hard part for me has been seeing all these kids longing for a family!  We were going to fly home after court and come back when Denis's 10 day wait was up but when we called home to talk it over with the kids they were very upset and some even cried that we would come home without the four new additions!!  Guess they dont miss mom to much!!  hehehehe!!  So we have decided to just continue on and stay until ALL 7 of us can come home together!!  Thank you for your continued support, well wishes and prayers!!!!  We really appreciate them!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chapter 14 - Just how much can you do in a few days???

Our original plan was to rent a car and leave at noon to Odessa.  The train would have cost us 100 dollars each way.  The rental car cost 50 dollars a day plus gas.  Since there was not much difference in price, we chose the rental car.  The taxi dropped Roc and myself off at the orphange and dropped Ken off at the airport to get the car.  We requested a GPS to help us and when got to the airport they had some good news and some bad.  The bad news was she didn't know how to work the GPS and Ken couldn't because it was all in Russian!  The good news however was since he was one of their best customers they were going to give him a map of all Ukraine!  We couldn't read any of it!!!!  So after calling our new friend David Sloan to help us, he and Ken sat there for a couple of hours getting it to work.  Roc and I walked to a pizza place we found to wait for Ken to pick us up.  Before we left Roc grabbed 50rph and Ken said that should be plenty of money.  So we ordered a "pepperoni" pizza and two cokes.  The waiter spoke a little english and they had pictures!!!  We sat there for about 1 1/2 hours because Ken told us to take our time.  Then the waiter brought the check and when Roc opened it up I just looked at her face and started laughing!!!  I knew by the expresion on her face that it was MORE than the 50rph she had brought.  I asked her what the matter was and she said its 62rph.  We called Ken, who was no where close to being finished, and he asked if we had any coke left and to just drink it slow!!!  I was laughing and Roc was trying to figure out the bill.  The poor waiter came over because he saw Roc looking at the bill and calling on the phone and asked us if we needed help.  He said that it was around 8 American dollars.  Roc said she knew and asked can we could just sit here for a little bit???  This made me laugh even harder.  I told her we could sit here all day if we wanted and not to worry because tata would be here soon.
Once he and David, okay, David, got the GPS working we were on our way to Odessa.  It was now 4:30 and we knew it would take at least 6 hours.  We really didn't want to be driving in the dark but we decided we better leave and not wait for the morning because we had to be in court at 5.
I am so glad we decided to drive.  It was so neat to see how people live outside the city.  The beautiful landscape.  The farmers and how they farm.  It was great!  We were warned about the police and how they just wave you to pull over, but the drivers flash their headlights at you to warn you that police are ahead.

Okay, so the roads were BUMPY and you ALWAYS have to pass a truck or slow car, and I mean slow, and we couldn't read ANY of the signs but we had GPS and maps so it worked out really well.  Until we stopped for gas!  Our GPS didnt really have any arrows to show us where to go.  Say what????  Okay, we still had our Ukraine map right?
So we made it to Odessa but now we had to get to our hotel, through the city, with all those streets, with no GPS and it was dark.
Guess what?  Some how we made it finally to a landmark........McDonalds!!!  Yeah, we knew were we were!  It was actually better we arrive after 10 because even though the traffic was busy, it was by no way as busy as we have seen it during the day!
We visited the kids the next morning and they all rememberd us and we had a fun two hours!  Court the next day was at 5 and we were told to be ready at 4.  We were picked up and dropped our interpeter off at her house, the lady from the orphanage at her house to pick something up and then to the courthouse.  Our interpeter met up with us at the courthouse.  We went through what we would be asked, how long it would take and who would all be in the room with us.  At about 10 after 5 we were called into a litte room where the judge, clerk, two witnesses, procecuter, spokeswomen from the orphanage, spokeswomen from the childrens welfare office, Roc, me, Ken and our interpeter!  It was going to begin so they turned the fan OFF!  Why?  Have no idea!  It was so hot and crowded it was rediculas!  We thought it was funny and everyone got a kick when the lady from the orphanage said yes we were a good fit for these kids and that Roc was such entertainment for all the orphanage kids and staff and that she would make a wonderful sister!!!   After standing and sitting for an hour answering questions it was done.  The only part I got tears in my eyes is when they came to Dani's story.  She was abandoned.  Not in a hospital or orphanage, just left where someone found her.  Okay, and the part where they said no one wanted these children made me cry too!
After messing with the GPS we got it working again and headed back to Simferpol.  It took a little longer because we stopped off on the side of the road where they were selling things.  We bought a small basket at one and yummy cherries at another.  People sell a lot of cherries along side the road, about every 1/2 block for a mile or two.  Oh, and we were stopped by the police!  Yup, they waved us to pull over.  We were not speeding so we were not sure what was up.  He came over and started talking to us and Ken just said I dont understand.  He kept talking and finally Ken said english.  He looked at me like I could/would talk to him and I just said, english.  He then started talking to us some more and what we thought he wanted was proof we owned the car.  We got our translator from Odessa on the phone and we were right, he wanted proof it was our car or proof we had rented it.  We showed him the papers and he let us go on.  We have been told we were lucky bacause they can make you pay for anything as silly as low air in the tires!!!  Hey, when we do something, we go all out to get the true experience  of it ALL!!!

On Wednesday morning we headed for the Sloans to meet them and drop off some stuff for the orphanage that they work with.  That was quite the trip on getting there!  David met us at an intersection to bring us to his and Joleen's home.  It was beautiful and their kids are awesome!!!  We talked and the Joleen, me and the kids played a game and then they invited us to lunch.  We went to a yummy pizza place!  On the drive to the restaurant their kids asked if they could go with us.  Having Roc, Davey, Nate and Brianna in the back seat and listening to them laugh and talk made me miss home so much!  I got to kid around with them, ask them silly questions and hear silly answers!  It was the highlight of my day!!!!  I miss my kids back home something awfull after that ride.

David didn't want to be in the picture because he knew both Joleen and I were going to put it on our blog!!!  So he took the pictures!  I hate pictures too but I thought I would put it on here for Lyndi!!!!!!
After lunch we headed for our visit with Dennis where we met up with the McDonald's and TJ (Misha)!  They are so nice and TJ is so sweet!!!  Here he is dancing with his daddy!

And here,  once again, are  all of us just for Lyndi!!!!!
On the way out of the orphanage today we saw some kids outside playing with a few caretakers.  I asked Roc if she wanted to run the cherries that we bought over to them to see if the kids could have them.  They were surprised and happy and all the kids came running over to get some!  It was a fun few days and very exhausting!!!  I would do it all again in a heart beat!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 13 - Three New Fritz's

YEA............They'll Fit Right In!!!!!!
Should be a fun plane ride home!

I'll blog more in chapter 14 about our drive to Odessa and how court went.  I am tired from the long drive to Odessa and back.  I fell asleep last night or I would have done it then.  Sorry about that Jodi!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chapter 11 & 12............Its All About Denis!!!!

Here are pictures before I even write one more thing!

He is very, very little!! His cute little tiny hand! We were all surprised on just how little he is. The first day here was such a rush of activity that we forgot our camera!!! We have some photos on our phone but thanks to Jodi, Ken won't go buy me one so I still have no cord to get those onto the computer. So all of these pictures are from yesterday and today. The first day when we walked in they handed Denis to me and 5 min later came out with two bottles. One with mushed up food and the other with juice, both warm. They just handed them to me and left. So I got to feed him within ten minutes of meeting him!!! Denis was running a fever yesterday so we were given the names of some medicine to get for him and thankfully our missionary friends who live here and they were able to help us out! They talked to the doctor for us and ran and got the medicine. These are the people I got in contact with before we even got here. I was worried about Denis being transferred and I knew that Yulia and Serge were to busy to call down here to ask for him not to be transferred because we were coming for him. I didnt want to blog any of this before but I am now. I contacted them and asked them if they would go and talk to the director for us. The reason I knew they would keep him there for us is because of this BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL LETTER we receieved on the morning of April 12!!!!
Hello family!
Today some missionaries came to see me. They came into my room, but were not allowed to hold me. But, I saw them looking at me and smiling, and I saw hope in their faces.
These missionaries had a nice, long chat with the orphanage director and learned a lot of things about the process of adoptions and such here. They learned that the orphanage director really has nothing to do with the adoptions, the selection, or any of the process. All of this is done in the capital city, Kiev. They weren’t even allowed to take my picture, although they asked very nicely. They were told that it is against the law for the children to be photographed and “individualized.” Only the people in Kiev are allowed to have a picture of me and see my information.
The missionaries came to my orphanage because they wanted to ask the director if he would hold me a little longer in this orphanage… so I could be adopted by you. The orphanage director said he remembered that they were keeping me for a few extra weeks, but that my time was up and my papers for moving had been processed. But, I also heard him tell someone on the phone that they would wait. So, I am going to stay here and wait for you.
But, beginning May 1st, my country has a lot of back-to-back holidays. All of the government offices will be closed most of the days the first two weeks of the month. The orphanage director said you need to go ahead and come and try to get your work in Kiev done before May 1st if you can. When their offices open back up, they will be very, very busy catching up from those holidays.
The director could not understand, though, why there is such a big rush about adopting before the age of 4. He said that all kids here who are orphans can be adopted. He said that even though we are moved, we can still be adopted. If for some reason I have to be moved, please do not worry about me. They will know where I am moved and you can still get me!
The director said that no one would adopt me because I am very small, but the missionaries told him that there is a family who has already chosen me. He could not understand why people would chose to adopt children who have such serious medical conditions such as me. I am so glad that you love me anyways! I may be small, but I have a BIG heart!
Well, I had better go now. I can hardly wait to see you and have you hold me, love me, kiss me, and take me home with you!
Yours truly,
P.S. Here is the missionary husband’s cell phone number: -------He said you should call him as soon as possible and he will do everything he can to help you. His name is ---------, and he is a very nice man! He has the orphanage director’s personal phone number and the orphanage director has his as well.

They did not have to take time out of their busy lives for some person they have never met! For this I will ALWAYS be greatful to them!!! I took their names and number out because I have not asked for their permission to post that sort of information! They have been a true blessing!!!! We will finally get to meet tomorrow, face to face!
We brought 6 pieces of luggage and 5 is for donations to orphanages. I guess this has caused some "inconvience" for some of the people here! We had SO much luggage we were told!
I felt like strangling the people that complained about it!!!! It did not bother us ONE BIT about the dissatisfaction of others!!
The flat where we are staying at is 37.00 a night for those of you on your way to this region. Food is cheap as are the taxi rides to the orphanage. It is to far for us to walk and no trolley here. Train ride down here was around 110.00. That was for a sleeper car 4 people. If you buy for 4 people, then you dont have to share with strangers. It holds four people. The orphanage director here is Wonderful! Very nice man! The place is HUGE and there are A LOT of kids living here. They wont let us into any rooms like the orphanage in Odessa. We really see no kids up on the second floor. We sit on a little couch and wait for them to bring Denis to us. In Odessa we could pretty much go and do what we wanted! It was a much smaller orphanage.
We got to see the Godwins again today and meet their little beauty!!!
Kristies sister Megan, who is 14, came along to help out. Kristie comes from a family of 14 adopted and 4 bio kids. When they get home her parents are headed to adopt number 15!!! How cool is that??
Roxana is a little nervous around Denis. She is used to playing kind of rough with the kids, which they love, but she is a little scared she will drop Denis! To cute! We tell her that he won't break and that it is okay! We just never had anyone so little living in our house!!! EVER!!!
It only took about 15 min to teach Denis what a kiss was, he loved it and wanted to kiss us the rest of the visit!
So I will leave you with one of the sweetest giggles I have ever heard! It is PURE JOY!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter 10 - Trains, Trains,Trains!

We arrived in Kiev around 8:30am.  We went to our flat to unload and then straight to the SDA.  We followed Serge straight upstairs got the referrel for Dennis and swapped out all of the other photos as well with the ones the SDA had.  Much, MUCH more quiet and only around 10 minuetes!  We talked with Serge for only a little while because he had to catch a plane.  Serge talked to ken about the dog bite and said he didnt need to go to London they have that stuff here to take care of.  We really didnt want to tell Serge what Russia and London were saying about Ukraine medicine.  Also what the young man who drove Ken to the clinic, who spoke english, said.  In fact this young man spent a few years in the US.  Serge told us that everyone in Ukraine knows about Ken.  Now I'm not sure if thats because of the dog bite or because Ken travels allot for work and always needs to know where the money is going, so he questions why they always need more money from us after paying 1/2 of what we owe for all four kids?  The other 1/2 is being paid after each court date.   A little thing came up right before we boarded the train from Odessa to Kiev where they wanted 650 more griva which is about 80 US dollars.  Not for the train ticket and not for the driver we understand all of that.  It was for the running they did one day to get a paper we needed!?  So Ken was just confused why this wasn't included in the fee we payed Serge.  No one could really explaine it but we had to catch our train so we just paid it.  We told them that they have to tell us before we only have 10 minuets to leave and they also have to tell families this right away if they owe money and what it is for not days later!
The same thing happend with our flat in Odessa, right when we are ready to leave they want more money!  It was only a couple of bucks but when you are living on peanut butter sandwhiches and walking and taking the trolley, that couple of bucks IS SO much more than you would think!  Don't be afraid to ASK the whats and whys!
The SDA was going to give us the referral for Dennis the same day so we came back at 4 to pick it up.  By 5 we were told that the head lady was in a meeting at no one was sure if she would be back in time to sign the papers.  It was us and 3 other families.  Six came around and we were all told to go home it wasnt going to happen.  So now we are waiting to get a call to go get the referral and then to the train for the 15 hour ride to meet Dennis!  We did ask about renting a car because we have so much traveling to do between the two regions.  We have to go down to Dennis then back to Odessa for court on Monday, then Dennis, then pick up kids, then Dennis, then Kiev.  They thought we were Crazy!!!  We had different facilitators and drivers all gathered around us saying No, No, No.  Okay, we were just trying to save a buck but if everyone is so against it I guess the train it will be!  We can't wait to meet Dennis and see what he is like!  Hope he is happy with who was picked to be his family!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chapter 9 - Starting All Over

We leave tonight for Kiev so another 8 hour train ride to look forward to.  We start all over again for our boy Dennis!  We had our last visit with the kids and said our goodbyes.  None of them understood.  Dania thinks we are just people that come to visit.  Thats okay though, she will get it soon enough!  They all will!!
Ken returned from London on Saturday.  He had 7 shots injected right into where the dog bit him.  Then he had another shot in his arm.  They gave him the rest of the medicine for someone here to give him.  It has to stay cool so we came up with a way to do just that with all the traveling we are doing.  We bought a little lunch box type cooler and then filled two water bottles full of water and froze them.  Put the frozen bottles and medicine in the cooler and there ya have it.
Before we left we wanted to get a picture of the motley crew that did this to Ken.  I know, call us nuts but you really want to get a picture of what could have killed you.  So we started down the street again.  This time I WAS thinking and told Ken that since he had the vaccine now and can't get rabies he should go get the picture himself!  He agreed and walked till we couldnt see him anymore.  A few minuites later out comes Ken running like he had just seen a ghost!!  He got back to us and we asked did you get it, did you get it!  He said yup I got the picture of those vicious dogs and I know it was them because I will never forget what they looked like!  Here it is.  We are very sure it was the BIG white one with the brown spot that did all the damage!!

Hehehehe!!!  How CUTE are they!  Do you really think we would go BACK?????  No way, not even close!!
These are the puppies that live right accross from the orphanage.  I wanted to take one home but Ken says no way! Hes such a party pooper!  They have a dog that lives inside the gates of the orphanage so the kids are all aware of what a dog is.  That helps us since we have 3 waiting for us to get home.  
Here are some more pictures of three of the cutest kids ever.

Okay, four of the cutest kids EVER!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter 8 - It aint all about the KIDS!

Tuesday night we ran out of min for internet.  We tried all night trying to get min put on but it didnt happen.  Wednesday morning Ken went back down to where we bought it to see if they could help.  They gave him a special password to log in with and now we had to wait 24 hours to actually log in and have everything up and running.  That morning I woke up 3 different times to the dogs outside barking.  Once at midnight, then at 2 and then again at 4:30.  I decided to yell from my 7th floor window to shush up and they looked around like who the heck is telling me to shush??  It worked though!  I sat and watched them for the next 1/2 hour or so.  As I was watching them and the people trying to get by them without being totally attached I thought to myself, why in the world would you keep taking the same route to work or where ever you are going?  Why walk that way if you have to beat these dogs away from you?
We all got ready to head on down to the administration office again because our papers were ready to be signed for us to get a court date.  Our driver/helper for the day was a lady that helped us once before and she seemed very nice.  We got stuck in traffic and arrived 25 min late and the administration was yelling at us.  Well it all sounds like yelling to me, probably isnt!  We signed the papers and headed for the teeny tiny elevator.  Now remember, one of the reasons I hate trains, planes and automobiles isnt all about the motion.  Its being in teeny tiny places!!!!  So we just about get to floor 1 and you guessed it it stopped!!!!  Come to find out I'm not the only one that hates teeny tiny places.  Our helper started to freak out which by no means helped me!!!!  She speaks very little english and I begged her to please stop, it wasnt helping me at all!  Poor Ken and Roc!  We pushed the button a couple times but it didnt work.  The worker started praying when someone (cant even remember) pushed floor 4.  Thank goodness it started moving and the worker and I pushed Roc and Ken to the side just to get out!  Poor Ken and Roc!
She then drove us to the orphanage where we had a REALLY great visit!  Luke was first to come walking out with a caretaker.  I started to walk towards them when all of the sudden Luke looked at me, pulled away from the worker and started running to me!!!!  The worker was surprised by this!  She couldnt believe it!  He was so happy that day, laughing and playing with us.  And to think, this was the little boy I wasnt sure about just 6 days prior!  The little boy that I wasnt sure would ever like me.  The little boy that I didnt think I could handle!  The little boy that some how some way worked his way into my heart for me to love the rest of my days on this earth!  Thank you God!
Josh and Dani were being Josh and Dani and we all had fund playing with bubbles and balloons and on the swing set!
We decided to walk and take the trolley home since it kills time and we get to see the sites.  We learned how the trolley works by hit or miss.  The first time it was a little old lady driving and when she came to her stop she just looked at us like what are you still doing on my trolley?  She started talking to us but I stopped her and said english.  She was so excited that she started talking even more to us!  Okay?  She then tried the best she could to tell us how it works and what trolley number we need next.  She did a great job and we now got it!  She shook kens hand and just kept talking to us.  To cute!
So it is now around 8 at night but still light out.  We were close to our flat and we could see our 20 story building from where we were.  We thought we would take the back way in to save us a few blocks of walking and to beat the dark.  As we started walking it became quite, not as many people around.  Ken said we should be coming up to the garages that we see from our window.  I said you mean where all the dogs hang out and bark?  Yup, there was the one dog, a german shepard, that I had just that morning yelled at.  Walked by him a little further and I looked up to my left and there was one big dog at the top of some steps.  As I looked forward again I saw two dogs looking at me and they began to bark.  I turned to look to see where the big boy was and he was on his way down the steps with a mission in his eyes.  I yelled, OH OH!!!  It all happened so fast. Ken told us to just stop but I didnt hear him and kept walking.  Roc yelled for me to stop and as I turned around Ken was trying to keep 4 dogs off of him.  Roc was behind him.  I walked back to them and now it was more like 7 dogs surrounding us!  A little scared doesnt even begin to explain what I was feeling!!!!  Ken told us to walk slowly back.  I was pushing Roc ahead of me thinking if I could get her far enough ahead of me she could then run and I could turn around to help Ken.  He usually has a pop bottle in his back pocket just have as a "weapon" per say.  On our long walk home Roc and I unfortunately threw them away so we wouldnt have to carry them!  oopsy!! (the dogs are barking as I type this)  He finally turned around and stomped his feet to scare them and it worked.  Plus the fact that we were walking out of their territory!  Once we got far enough away Ken told us that he had gotten bit.  I said I know because I saw the two dogs biting him.  I looked at his jeans and saw that he had holes in them from where he was bit.  I knew it wasnt good and Roc started to worry.  She was asking if they had their rabies shot and if it was just a little bite then that would be okay then right?  I told her that these dogs dont get shots like ours at home and that we would have to go to the hospital if once we got home and it didnt look good.  Ken and I both started to lighten the mood as to not make her so worried.  Ken was joking with her by asking her if he had foam coming out of his mouth!  She kept asking do you feel okay, are you alright.  Then I looked at him and was a little worried, this is what I saw.................

Should I be worried???????
I know, its nothing to joke about! 
Ken has a benefit working at 3M that if he gets hurt anywhere outside the US they will help him.  So he called the SOS number and asked what he should do.  They told him that he needs to get to a hospital for antibiotics and also they would fly him to London to get the rabie shots and vaccine.  After being on the phone with them for close to 2 hours trying to work this all out we found out the London was the closest place that had the vaccine.  He went to the hospital where they didnt want to do anything because they didnt want to be responsible.  They didnt have what he needed and told him he HAD to go get medicine for it because they already had 3 people die from dog bites that didnt do anything.  He has to get the shots within the first 72 hours.  Then another 3 days later, and another 7 days later.  Hopefully they will give him the medicine to bring back with him on his first visit!!  You know he just had to up Jodi one with her little tooth episode while she was here!!!!
So the plan is for Ken to leave tomorrow morning and return tomorrow evening.  Lets hope everything works out that way!  We leave Sunday to start Dennis's adoption!
Keep us in your prayers - It looks like we need them!!!!!
And yes, I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs.  We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Chapter - Just for Kim

Hey Kim!  Send me your email - work or home!!!!!
Can you believe I miss work!?!?!  Well just a niminoga(sp?) means little in Ukraine!  hehehehe

Chapter 7 - National Childrens Day

It is national childrens day today and they had a cute program at the orphanage.  We thought we would be leaving to start the other adoption but that wont happen until tomorrow.  Well thats than plan today anyway, things always change around here!  Our meeting with the head administrator went fine.  It only took about 20 min.  And guess who over 5 min went to????  Roc!  She asked Roc how long she has been with us, what she studies in school, what she wants to be and what she thinks about more brothers and sisters.  Roxana did very well!!  Asked us why we wanted to adopt DS children, if we have money for Dani surgery and if we will be doing that surgery right away.  She came right out and asked if we get paid for having Luke and Josh live with us.  No beating around the bush for her!!
After the program was over at the orphanage we decided to just walk around.  The day before we walked down to the Black Sea and Roc went swimming for awhile.  Today we just started walking and after about 2 hours we thought we would try the trolly.  We got in, sat down and 5 min later a gal that works on the trolly said something to me and I just pointed to Ken!!  Let him take care of that stuff!! lol!!!  You can ride the trolly for 1 dollar a person to where ever you want.  We got off the trolly and then decided we would try the bus.  Hey why not?  We have nothing better to do than to see what it is all about living here!  We saw our flat coming up but didnt know how to tell the guy we wanted off.  We watched how people were doing it and it seems like you tell him you want to stop in 2 blocks and then lay some money down on the seat next to him.  So we drove by our flat and Ken just laid some money down and we were let off at the train station.  We just decided to walk back to the flat from there.  Stopped and picked up some water and juice and now we are home.
The program was really cute and the orphanage seems to be a really nice place for the kids.  They were all dressed up in costumes and sang and danced.  I even saw a bunch of RR kids in the play!!!  Josh and Luke sat with some caretakers and watched the kids performe.  They did really well just sitting there watching for 1/2 hour!  Then all the kids got a toy when they were done!  Very cute and fun for everyone.
We are pretty pooped out and I think it will be a very early night for us!

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