Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Olga E

Adoption from Olga's region

Ok, I know I haven't been able too raise as much money as I would like for Olga E's adoption grant, but I've been in contact with several people who has adopted out of her region recently. They say that this is a fast and easy region, with easy travel and good accommodations. They also say that the orphanages are good, and the children well taken care of.
Please consider adopting Olga E, and spread the word about her, so her family can find her.

This is a post from

PLEASE help spread the word about Olga and donate something to help get her home!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Much Change in 5 Months!

Remeber the first time we met Artem (Luke)? How scared I was. How I wasn't sure if it would be a good fit. How I wasn't sure if the kids at home might not be able to handle him. How this, that and the other thing. And then how you guys out there told me to give it time, it will be okay, wait till he gets out of those 4 walls he has been in his whole life? Remember?
All I can say is I am SO glad I listend to all of you!!! I cannot imagine my life with out Artem. For a little boy that was afraid of almost everything he sure has settled right into life at the Fritz Farm! Both Josh and Artem started school a few weeks ago where they are getting all sorts of therapy! Arti has learned to love bath time and brushing his teeth. He has learned to sign 'more' when wanting more food or more PLAY! LOL He has learned that when any of his sibling say no he can laugh at them but when mom or tata say no it means no!! To cute! (not for his older sisters though), and his first word was Bob! Why? Because my husband and my 30 yr old nephew call each other Bob for some reason. So he hears Bob a lot!!! So one day when we were all sitting here Arti just yelled BOB! Now he goes around the house saying Bob, Bob, Bob! But the best thing he has learned so far is to laugh, be happy and how getting BIG hugs and kisses from mom feels really, really good!!! Oh how I LOVE that boy!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Let Roc Know

When we went to Ukraine to adopt our four kids we knew we would need a little help with everything. We decided to bring Roc with us for a few reasons. One was that she really wanted to go. She worked for her ticket for months by selling corn on the cob door to door. Selling bracelets at school and all the different sports game the school was having. Shoveling driveways, mowing grass, raking leaves. You name it, she did it. She is a go getter!! Another reason was because where we were going was only around 250 miles away from where she was born. And yet another reason was because I thought it was important for her to see how some kids live. Not just in the orphanages but in a country not as wonderful as the US. There were some pretty difficult things that she saw and I know it has changed her life.
When we decided to continue on with our family blog, we also wanted to advocate for the orphans looking for a home. So Roc and I thought it would be meaningful for us to make a video showing and telling the story of the plight of orphans. So we did. Truth be told though, I'm not good at making a video, or getting a video on my blog, or knowing anything about it. The video sitting on the side called "Don't Pass Them By" is a video Roc made from her heart. A video of some of the kids we met. A video of some of the kids Roc played with. A video of where part of our hearts remain. Roxana is gone this weekend at her grandpas house. I want to do something fun for her about her video. I'm asking you to watch it and then comment on what you think of it. How you think she did. I think she did great but then again I'm only mom and I guess that's what I'm supposed to say. At least that's what Roc tells me! So let her hear from some of you who are not her mom on how she did, she will listen to you! LOL

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A HUGE Thank You

So if you watch the video on the side about Lica and her "star Power", you will know how this chain of events happened. 20 years ago we found Vasilica (Lica) on a news story our local station did. Don Shelby and Bob Cowan, the photographer, who did the story have been following Lica's life and doing updates on her every 5 or so years. So when we heard Don was retiring we kind of figured he would want to meet with Lica one last time. Never did we imagine it would be one of his most memorable stories he has done over the last 30 some years! Well, after the story aired the questions and comments started coming. I'm not sure my coworkers knew I had one adopted child let alone 10! And I know they didn't know how Lica became our daughter. I'm a pretty private person and I hate attention. I LOVE the attention my kids get and adoption in general but Ken and I are not good at asking for anything or sharing our life story. So when Tina, my supervisor and Kim, a coworker and friend came to me and said that they along with others in the office saw Lica's story and so they wanted to do something for our family, I was hesitant. They wanted to adopt our family for Christmas this year! Not just my department but all the other departments in the building! The whole "Silverbell" group at Blue Cross!!! I immediately said no, why pick my family. Lets pick a family that is in need! Well coworkers kept wanting to do something for us and so Tina asked me again. I talked it over with Ken and the kids and my dad. My dads response was "Well for crying out loud, you have 15 kids, let them do something nice for you!!!" Okay dad, first, I don't have 15 kids and thanks for seeing my point of view! Love that guy!!!!!!!
So anyway, we thought it was a VERY, VERY nice thing to do. We could save the money we would have spent on gifts for the kids to go toward the adoptions we are in the process of. And also, the kids would have a blast. It's kind of funny and heartwarming looking through what the kids wrote down. Lica just wanted ONE blond hair extension and a Reece's peanut butter cup, King Size. Kaylee wanted small rubber bands to do Jerlin's and Dani's hair with and Charley just wanted a big car to push around. James wanted a dinosaur and the other kids really didn't care what they got. How did I get so lucky with such great kids!?!? How did I get so lucky to have such great coworkers to do this for us?!?!
So this holiday season my family has been "adopted" in sorts by a group of people that have been touched by 10 very special kiddos! THANK YOU!
And to the little girl in the video who has grown into an amazing young lady.......Oh the lives she has touched!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Are Going Back!

Not only going back to Eastern Europe to adopt a someone special we met there but also going back to South America to adopt TWO special someones! We thought if we could handle two different regions at once why the heck cant we do two different countries at once?!?! We are totally INSANE! This has been crazy difficult trying to coming up with the funds. It's not as easy this time around going out to get a second job. The kids need me at home. Not easy having garage sales this time since we just had 5 of them within the last year to raise funds for our last adoption in June plus there really is not a lot left to sell from our things as well as other folks stuff. Not as easy putting overtime in as we always seem to be running to a doctor/therapy appointment for one of the kids. And of course not easy asking for your help again. But here we are as a family sewing up a storm and crafting like crazy to sell things at craft sales, pick up odd jobs here and there and putting all our change in the piggy banks. All to bring home 3 special kids. Crazy? Maybe. But I have seen a small glimpse of the sadness and hopelessness in the eyes of many children and cannot get that out of my mind. I have witnessed that look fade away in the eyes of all my kids throughout the years. So it seems "crazy" for us not to bring more home.
The hard part of adoption, as most of you know, isn't the raising of the kids but the raising of the money to get them home. Adoption is expensive. We are adopting from two countries and the paperwork for one is done and just about paid for. The other, not quite. If you would like to help out by donating to our cause, there is info on the side of the post. If you have any fundraising ideas please let me know! Most importantly please keep all the orphans in the world in your thoughts and prayers. All they want is a family.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Thanks Julia!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family in NEED!!!

My friend Leah is leaving in 12 days to go get her son Axel from Eastern Europe. One problem. She is short the last remaining funds needed! Please, please spread the word or better yet donate to their chip in. Every little bit counts and adds up! Axel is 10 years old and has Down syndrome. He has waited far to long for his family! I would hate for money to be the only thing that stands in the way of him getting Minnesota no less!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brady and Heath

This is Brady and Heath. They live in an institution in Eastern Europe. They need for their forever family to go get them out and bring them home.
Brady has a special place in my heart for a few reasons. We already committed to Dani and Josh but knew we had room for one more. I knew I wanted one of the older children since time was limited for them in the baby house. It was either Luke or Brady. Luke was then moved on RR site to the older children category and was about 1/2 of year older than Brady so we chose Luke hoping and praying Brady would have that much more time for his forever family to find him. It did not work out that way though.
You can go to to read more about Heath and Brady from a family who visited these boys while they were adopting a sweet little boy themselves from this institute.
Please help spread the word! I KNOW their family is out there.

Friday, October 15, 2010


There is a little girl who used to be in the same orphanage as our Denis.  She is no longer there.  She has been transferred.  Please go to Jewels in My Crown  and donate!  Every dollar will help a family bring her home!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

End of One Book..........The Beginning of Another

Sorry for such a long break but it was CRAZINESS getting home!  One HUGE suggestion for all of you going through this is to READ your handbook from RR!!!  In all of our previous adoptions we always used a credit card to pay at the embassy.  Well, Ukraine does not take credit cards.  Oops!  Okay, big Oops!!!  I was willing to stay another month if need be just to get things done.  Never once in this blog did I complain about my time away from home.  I told myself that I would not count the days I was away from my kids like I did when in adopting from South America.  I told myself that I would be on a mission to bring these kids home no matter how long it took and until this very moment I have not counted the days I was gone.  Seriously, I just counted them now.  2 months or 57 days or 1368 hours.  We knew it would be long and that is why we never complained about it.  It was so worth it!!!!  Hard on the kids back home though.  Its a long time not to have mom and tata around.
It cost us a total of 46,381.62.  Again, never once on this blog did I complain about how much it was costing just the WHY it was costing!!!  We knew it would be lots of money to bring four kids home from two different regions.  I was trying to let families know through our experience the "cost" of things that come up.  We were down to eating one meal a day.  We took buses and trolleys or walked.  Like it or not, agree with it or not, offended by it or was and is the TRUTH!!!  We know the exact amount because we requested and kept EVERY receipt for EVERYTHING.  Even if written out on a napkin, we got a receipt. 
This is what it took for us to get home.

These are just to get home!  When I say it was crazy, I mean it was CRAZY.  The plane was late leaving Ukraine and we were worried about missing our flight home once arriving at JFK.  All the kids did GREAT on the flight.  No problems what so ever.  The flight attendant started asking us questions on the kids and we were happy to answer anything she asked.  She was so helpful with all of them which is one reason it went so well.  Throughout the long flight she found out some of the things we went through and how long we have been gone.  She kept telling me that she had to do something for us.  I told her to knock it off (that's how I talk) that she had to do nothing for us.  I told her it was very nice that she thought this but there is no reason.  Once we landed and got into the terminal Ken showed me a napkin that was folded up.  I opened it to 60 dollars and a note written on the napkin that read:  This is all I had in my purse.  You are an amazing couple for saving these children. God Bless.  How sweet was that????  After landing we also found out that we missed our flight home.  With no money, except the 60 dollars from the flight attendant, we decided to stay in the world lounge at the airport.   Ken travels a lot for work so one of the perks he has is being able to go into a lounge area away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.  They have TV's computers, free food and drinks, bathrooms right there.  It was a great place to sit and relax. 
Ken went to go see if we could get on stand by for some flights home.  He managed to get us on a flight but once we were at the gate and dealing with other ticket agents we started running into problems.  The screen on the wall shows you if you are on a stand by list.  It then shows you the names that made it on the plane.  Well it said we should be on the plane but the ticket agents were letting all the other stand by folks on.  They asked if it would be okay for them to separate us.  We said we don't care where we sit just get us home!  After letting a few more stand by folks on they asked us what four people wanted to get on.  WHAT, when you said separate us we thought you meant seating not planes!!!!  Back to the front ticket agent we went.  Only flight available was for the next morning.  While Ken and I were doing all of this, Roc stayed with the kids by our gate.  She struck up a conversation with a couple who just returned from Ireland.  Our friend just returned from Ireland so Roc was asking lots of questions about their trip.  They then started talking about how we missed our flight and they messed up with getting us on stand by.  They kept asking us if Delta gave us food vouchers or set us up a place to stay that night.  Roc told them no they offered us nothing but that we could go to the World Lounge to eat.  When Ken and I returned Roc handed us a piece of paper all folded up.  I asked her what it was and she told us about the couple and that they said give this to your mom and not to open it until they had left.  I opened it up and it was 12 dollars in food vouchers wrapped around a hundred dollar bill!!!!!!  I said ROC, What it the world did you tell them!!!  Roc said they were just talking about their trip and our trip.  How they thought the kids were so cute and that Delta should really help you out since it was not our fault for missing the flight.  It was then and only then that I lost it.  The kindness of some people.  The lack of sleep.  The stress of the last few days.  The stress of the last few months.  It all just started pouring out.  We went back to the lounge to figure out if 160 dollars would get us a place to stay and a ride there and back the next morning.  It was now 11:00pm and Luke started getting restless.  A new crew came on working at the lounge.  Two women working at the front desk saw us sitting there and asked Ken to come over.  Don't know what went on but all of the sudden one of the ladies came over with stacks of cookies and was putting them in my bag.  She started getting us all up and moving along with Ken and told us she got us a hotel for the night.  She gave us food vouchers and some juice and was shoving it all into my bag.  I was just so exhausted by this time I really did not know what was going on.  I just went with it.  She kept telling us that someone should have done something sooner and how sorry she was.  She said we all needed a good night sleep and things would be better in the morning. 
I did not tell the kids we were coming home because I kept telling them dates before and it always fell through.  We decided to stop telling them when we thought we might be home and just show up when we show up.  And that's just what we did.  We got home around 6:00 Sunday night July 18th.  I don't know who was happier, us or the kids or grandpa!!!!  He got to go home!
Okay, I know it is getting long but now I have to tell you how the kids, both new and old, are doing. 
Dani:  She hates it when anyone of us leave for any reason.  Groceries, work, school, mow the yard, anything.  She cries and cries and wants us all to be together.  It has gotten much better and with all the other kids here showing her how it all works has helped tremendously.  I am not quite sure how she is going to handle it when everyone leaves to go to school?!?!  She has picked up on many words but continues to talk and talk and talk to us in her little husky Russian voice thinking we know what she is saying.  She LOVES to boss and sing.  She loves to change cloths at least 15 times a day.  She loves to fix her hair and carry purses.  She loves getting her own water from the fridge.  She loves the trampoline and playing outside with her brother and sisters.  She HATES naps, going to bed at night, not being included, hard shell tacos, having ANY door closed and thunder.  She has a all day doctor appt. next month where afterwards all the doctors will get together to decide the best action to take.  She had parasites, lacks in vitamin D and Calcium but has no problem taking medication to fix all of these.  She loves her new brothers and sisters but absolutely ADORES Charley!!!

Josh:  Josh loves everything except when you take his hands out of his mouth.  Then he tends to get cranky and whine for about 3 minutes.  He loves to rough house with his brothers and sisters, watch TV, sing, play the piano or keyboard, water, chew on EVERYTHING and our animals.  He follows the cats around and wants to do whatever they do.  He is a happy, happy little boy and very smart.  He will need surgery for his cleft palate.  I guess after surgery he wont be able to do his trick for the boys anymore!  YUCK!!  Charley and James get a real kick out of this.  Ken says we know when he is full because he has a "full indicator".  Its when the food starts coming out of his nose!!  Another huge YUCK!!  But again, Charley and James love his full indicator!!  He will be having some hormone tests to see if we need to do anything about his growth as well as all the other tests.

Luke:  Ahhh, Luke.  Luke loves his family.  he loves it when we shake his arms up and down, yogurt, oatmeal., blended up tacos, music, hair, strings, sitting on our laps, the animals, the dogs licking his face or toes, sleeping in mom and tatas room and being around us.  He hates water, taking naps, going to bed at night, having to try new things be it food or play and is very stubborn.  We were told both Josh and Luke did not feed themselves and were not potty trained.  First day home we gave them a spoon and they both started to feed themselves.  It gets really, really messy but who cares?  They are doing it!!!  And the dogs love all the extra food that falls on the ground!!!  We started potty training and it is actually going pretty well.  Luke is healthy besides the parasites.  But those are all gone now and they want to see him again in 6 months.

Denis:  Our little 15 pound 4 1/2 year old.  Denis loves to suck his finger, eat, get thrown up in the air, music, playing with his mobile while he is supposed to be napping, being held by EVERY member of the family and petting the dogs with his feet while laying in mama and tatas bed.  He hates dogs licking his feet, being fed with a spoon, anything cold, loud noises and baths.  He has learned to hold his own bottle, cry when he has a wet diaper or is hungry.  He babbles and makes many more noises than we ever heard before coming from him!!!  He has had and will continue to have MANY doctor appointments.  He lacks in vitamin D and calcium along with the parasites.  He needs surgery for pulmonary heart problems and a hole in his heart.  The surgery to fix both of these things will be done at one time.  He is still having more tests done before surgery to make sure they know everything they can about his health.  I'm talking every kind of test you could think of.  From simple blood work to MRI's.  Here is a photo of him looking a a families blog about himself.  Can you guess who's blog it is???  It is a blog from a mama that loved him VERY much!

The other kids were very excited to see four new faces walk through the door on July 18th.  They were hesitant with Luke for about two days, thought Josh was the best thing since sliced bread, LOVES Denis and acts like Dani has been here forever!  The only real difference mom has noticed is feeding this crew and NEVER having a clean bowl!!!!

We were just talking today about what we missed most about Ukraine.  We unanimously answered, Toby!!!!  hahahahah!
I want to thank all of you who have prayed for our four new Ukrainians!  Even before they were part of our family.  Those of you who have followed along on our journey, and sent well wishes and prayers.  Those of you who donated money or things for our garage sales.  We are glad to be home! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today Is The Day!

In about 1 1/2 hours we leave for the last bit of paperwork.  In about 3 hours I hope to be walking Denis down the long driveway into a taxi to his home away from home.  He has 4 brothers and sisters waiting to meet him!!  Little does he know he has 5 more at his forever home.
Our day to pick up the three kids in Odessa was Tuesday the 29th of June.  Things didnt go that way and we were not allowed to pick up the kids until July 5th!!!  Then we were told they only had a midnight train back to Simferopol which would put us a day behind getting Denis.  So we said no thanks to that and rented a car so that we would be here in Simferopol by Tuesday the 6th, EARLY enough to make the day count!!!
The kids did great considering we just picked them up from the only home they have ever known and put them in a car and drove for 7 hours!!!  Ken had just returned from London where he spent the week working.  His job needed him so Roc and I assured him we would be fine and to just go.  So he was all set to drive the 7 hours.  The rest of us though were pretty exhausted from the week, which I will blog about later, so we all ended up just sitting back and relaxing.  Dani started to cry at one point so we pulled over for her to go to the bathroom - must be the mother in me that knew that one?!
About 15 min later she started to cry again, this time the mother in me didnt get it!  Called Jolene and David to have them talk with her to see what was wrong.  All we saw was her shaking her head yes to everthing.  Found out she had a tummy ache.  Gave her a little motion sickness medicine and within 1/2 hour she was fine!!
I love the drive between the two cities.  It is beautiful!  I often think what it would be like to live at some of the places we drive through.  Some of the stuff we talk about on the long drive is where we would live if we were in Ukraine for good.  I found 2 spots that I could live at.  One in a city and one in a village.  Now to decide which one I like better?! 
At around 10:30pm we knew we still had another hours worth of driving so we started working on a place to stay once we got there.  Then about 30 min out of town a dog came shooting across the highway (well I call it a highway) at Ken hit it!  I of course being a animal lover started crying.  The dog actually came from I dont know.  It all went so fast.  Back home I think to myself how someone could hit a deer.  We have lots of dead deer on the side of the road.  I think how someone could hit any animal.  I have been driving for many, many, MANY years and have never hit an animal.  Well thats not true.  Once up at my dads we were driving and I hit something, not sure what it was but I hit him.  I of course being who I am started to cry.  My dad was telling me it was a gopher or mouse or something and it was really no big deal.  Didnt help, I still killed it.  My poor dad must think sometimes where in the world I came from!!! hehehehe
Anyway, I was crying, Ken was knowing what I was going through so said nothing and felt bad.  Not for hitting the dog but for me!!  And then there was my girl Roc who tried telling me that we just hit a pot hole or something.  Love that girl!!!  I told her no, it was a dog.  It also gave me the chance to explaine and show her how fast things can happen.  She is 15 and going to start driving soon and I wanted her to know and see these things.  Both Ken and I have been in terrible car accidents.  The one I was in my best friend died.  She was driving and hit a patch of ice or something and we hit a tree, going pretty fast.  Through this hitting the dog accident it gave us a great opportunity to talk with Roc about how fast things can happen even when you are doing everything right.  So one could only imagine what could happen if you were on the phone or NOT paying attention.  And of course we had this conversation through my sobs for the poor dog!!!  Ken told us the next day after looking at the damage to the car, it was a big dog, that this trip/adoption has cost him WAY TO much money because of all his dog problems!!!!
Okay, I guess we are getting ready to go.  One last thing though.  We spent the evening with Toby McDonald.  He brought us to this great place to try their chicken!!  YUM!!!  It was so nice just to be with someone who is going through the same thing!!!  In more ways than one but that is for another blog!!  I will write later today about our night out with Mr. Toby!!!  He is something that is for sure!!! 
Also post some photos for everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bunch of Chapters........lost count!

I know, I know.........We had court for Denis last Wednesday and it went without a hitch.  After court we went on one more visit with our boy and then headed for the train station to come back to Odessa to do the last of the paperwork for our three kids here and then pick them up!!  On Sunday we will take the train back and finish up Denis's paperwork.  While Ken is doing the running I will be going to the orphanage to take Denis OUT of the orphanage!  We have been here 5 weeks already but it doesnt really feel like it.  We have been busy running from place to place and from region to region that truly the days just fly by.  On our down days we visit with the kids and try to take in as much as the Ukrainian culture as we can.  We have met some of the most amazing people here and we love to just sit and talk with them.  The only hard part for me has been seeing all these kids longing for a family!  We were going to fly home after court and come back when Denis's 10 day wait was up but when we called home to talk it over with the kids they were very upset and some even cried that we would come home without the four new additions!!  Guess they dont miss mom to much!!  hehehehe!!  So we have decided to just continue on and stay until ALL 7 of us can come home together!!  Thank you for your continued support, well wishes and prayers!!!!  We really appreciate them!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chapter 14 - Just how much can you do in a few days???

Our original plan was to rent a car and leave at noon to Odessa.  The train would have cost us 100 dollars each way.  The rental car cost 50 dollars a day plus gas.  Since there was not much difference in price, we chose the rental car.  The taxi dropped Roc and myself off at the orphange and dropped Ken off at the airport to get the car.  We requested a GPS to help us and when got to the airport they had some good news and some bad.  The bad news was she didn't know how to work the GPS and Ken couldn't because it was all in Russian!  The good news however was since he was one of their best customers they were going to give him a map of all Ukraine!  We couldn't read any of it!!!!  So after calling our new friend David Sloan to help us, he and Ken sat there for a couple of hours getting it to work.  Roc and I walked to a pizza place we found to wait for Ken to pick us up.  Before we left Roc grabbed 50rph and Ken said that should be plenty of money.  So we ordered a "pepperoni" pizza and two cokes.  The waiter spoke a little english and they had pictures!!!  We sat there for about 1 1/2 hours because Ken told us to take our time.  Then the waiter brought the check and when Roc opened it up I just looked at her face and started laughing!!!  I knew by the expresion on her face that it was MORE than the 50rph she had brought.  I asked her what the matter was and she said its 62rph.  We called Ken, who was no where close to being finished, and he asked if we had any coke left and to just drink it slow!!!  I was laughing and Roc was trying to figure out the bill.  The poor waiter came over because he saw Roc looking at the bill and calling on the phone and asked us if we needed help.  He said that it was around 8 American dollars.  Roc said she knew and asked can we could just sit here for a little bit???  This made me laugh even harder.  I told her we could sit here all day if we wanted and not to worry because tata would be here soon.
Once he and David, okay, David, got the GPS working we were on our way to Odessa.  It was now 4:30 and we knew it would take at least 6 hours.  We really didn't want to be driving in the dark but we decided we better leave and not wait for the morning because we had to be in court at 5.
I am so glad we decided to drive.  It was so neat to see how people live outside the city.  The beautiful landscape.  The farmers and how they farm.  It was great!  We were warned about the police and how they just wave you to pull over, but the drivers flash their headlights at you to warn you that police are ahead.

Okay, so the roads were BUMPY and you ALWAYS have to pass a truck or slow car, and I mean slow, and we couldn't read ANY of the signs but we had GPS and maps so it worked out really well.  Until we stopped for gas!  Our GPS didnt really have any arrows to show us where to go.  Say what????  Okay, we still had our Ukraine map right?
So we made it to Odessa but now we had to get to our hotel, through the city, with all those streets, with no GPS and it was dark.
Guess what?  Some how we made it finally to a landmark........McDonalds!!!  Yeah, we knew were we were!  It was actually better we arrive after 10 because even though the traffic was busy, it was by no way as busy as we have seen it during the day!
We visited the kids the next morning and they all rememberd us and we had a fun two hours!  Court the next day was at 5 and we were told to be ready at 4.  We were picked up and dropped our interpeter off at her house, the lady from the orphanage at her house to pick something up and then to the courthouse.  Our interpeter met up with us at the courthouse.  We went through what we would be asked, how long it would take and who would all be in the room with us.  At about 10 after 5 we were called into a litte room where the judge, clerk, two witnesses, procecuter, spokeswomen from the orphanage, spokeswomen from the childrens welfare office, Roc, me, Ken and our interpeter!  It was going to begin so they turned the fan OFF!  Why?  Have no idea!  It was so hot and crowded it was rediculas!  We thought it was funny and everyone got a kick when the lady from the orphanage said yes we were a good fit for these kids and that Roc was such entertainment for all the orphanage kids and staff and that she would make a wonderful sister!!!   After standing and sitting for an hour answering questions it was done.  The only part I got tears in my eyes is when they came to Dani's story.  She was abandoned.  Not in a hospital or orphanage, just left where someone found her.  Okay, and the part where they said no one wanted these children made me cry too!
After messing with the GPS we got it working again and headed back to Simferpol.  It took a little longer because we stopped off on the side of the road where they were selling things.  We bought a small basket at one and yummy cherries at another.  People sell a lot of cherries along side the road, about every 1/2 block for a mile or two.  Oh, and we were stopped by the police!  Yup, they waved us to pull over.  We were not speeding so we were not sure what was up.  He came over and started talking to us and Ken just said I dont understand.  He kept talking and finally Ken said english.  He looked at me like I could/would talk to him and I just said, english.  He then started talking to us some more and what we thought he wanted was proof we owned the car.  We got our translator from Odessa on the phone and we were right, he wanted proof it was our car or proof we had rented it.  We showed him the papers and he let us go on.  We have been told we were lucky bacause they can make you pay for anything as silly as low air in the tires!!!  Hey, when we do something, we go all out to get the true experience  of it ALL!!!

On Wednesday morning we headed for the Sloans to meet them and drop off some stuff for the orphanage that they work with.  That was quite the trip on getting there!  David met us at an intersection to bring us to his and Joleen's home.  It was beautiful and their kids are awesome!!!  We talked and the Joleen, me and the kids played a game and then they invited us to lunch.  We went to a yummy pizza place!  On the drive to the restaurant their kids asked if they could go with us.  Having Roc, Davey, Nate and Brianna in the back seat and listening to them laugh and talk made me miss home so much!  I got to kid around with them, ask them silly questions and hear silly answers!  It was the highlight of my day!!!!  I miss my kids back home something awfull after that ride.

David didn't want to be in the picture because he knew both Joleen and I were going to put it on our blog!!!  So he took the pictures!  I hate pictures too but I thought I would put it on here for Lyndi!!!!!!
After lunch we headed for our visit with Dennis where we met up with the McDonald's and TJ (Misha)!  They are so nice and TJ is so sweet!!!  Here he is dancing with his daddy!

And here,  once again, are  all of us just for Lyndi!!!!!
On the way out of the orphanage today we saw some kids outside playing with a few caretakers.  I asked Roc if she wanted to run the cherries that we bought over to them to see if the kids could have them.  They were surprised and happy and all the kids came running over to get some!  It was a fun few days and very exhausting!!!  I would do it all again in a heart beat!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 13 - Three New Fritz's

YEA............They'll Fit Right In!!!!!!
Should be a fun plane ride home!

I'll blog more in chapter 14 about our drive to Odessa and how court went.  I am tired from the long drive to Odessa and back.  I fell asleep last night or I would have done it then.  Sorry about that Jodi!

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