Friday, February 5, 2010

Bitter Sweet

As you know I have been advocating for Dennis.  He was one of my favorites from day 1!!! 
We decided on Dania and soon after Dennis had a family!  One of my other favorites was ready to be transferred to an institution where he could no longer be adopted, and since Dennis had a family now we chose Josh.  Then a few weeks ago I saw another little boy ready to be transferred and he was from the same baby house as Dania and Josh.  We decided that we would also bring him home, Luke.  It will be so great for all three who have probably grown up together to stay together.  He is a cutie that's for sure.  2 days later, only 2 days, Dennis lost his family.  I was heart broken to say the least.  I contacted Andrea from RR and asked her if anyone had asked about Dennis.  She told me that one family is CONSIDERING him.  I asked her if the other family says no to him, how far he was from our baby house and if we could take him.  She told me it was not to far but a totally different region and it would cost around 10k more and longer in country.  I told her I didnt care but I was not going to let him be transferred, it was Dennis for goodness sake.  She then told me that she knows of no judge that would let us adopt 4 special needs kids. 
There was no way we could ever "swap" Luke out for Dennis.  We had already promised Luke a family.  So I thought this was Gods way of giving me an answer, and maybe it is.  He knows my heart and knows I could never do that to Luke.  But I have grown to love Dennis.  He was actually the one boy that made me consider adopting a child with Ds.
So now I have been bugging poor Andrea, pleading with her to let us try.  She has talked to the facilitator and he does not think it will fly.  We have been approved for 4 children with sn with everyone except the country where Dennis is from.  We have not been turned down but it has never been done in this country.  There are now 2 families considering Dennis so I am praying like you would not believe for him!!!!  And if one of these families does not take him, I will.  Some how, some way, by the grace of God - WE WILL!!!!
Please, please pray for Dennis that he finds a family - any family!!!!  I love him so much.


  1. oh wow... I had no idea you were Lukes family! How wonderful! :) God has a plan for little Dennis! Praying one of these families is it!

  2. praying for you! I hope it all works out and Dennis comes home with you. What an awesome family you are to open your hearts to not only one or two, but possibly three or four! Awesome.


  3. I hope Dennis gets a family soon. I have been watching him as well, hoping to see he found his forever family.

    All 3 kids you are adopting are so precious. I love Luke's hair!

    Good luck on this journey and I pray everything goes smoothly for you.


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