Friday, December 3, 2010

Let Roc Know

When we went to Ukraine to adopt our four kids we knew we would need a little help with everything. We decided to bring Roc with us for a few reasons. One was that she really wanted to go. She worked for her ticket for months by selling corn on the cob door to door. Selling bracelets at school and all the different sports game the school was having. Shoveling driveways, mowing grass, raking leaves. You name it, she did it. She is a go getter!! Another reason was because where we were going was only around 250 miles away from where she was born. And yet another reason was because I thought it was important for her to see how some kids live. Not just in the orphanages but in a country not as wonderful as the US. There were some pretty difficult things that she saw and I know it has changed her life.
When we decided to continue on with our family blog, we also wanted to advocate for the orphans looking for a home. So Roc and I thought it would be meaningful for us to make a video showing and telling the story of the plight of orphans. So we did. Truth be told though, I'm not good at making a video, or getting a video on my blog, or knowing anything about it. The video sitting on the side called "Don't Pass Them By" is a video Roc made from her heart. A video of some of the kids we met. A video of some of the kids Roc played with. A video of where part of our hearts remain. Roxana is gone this weekend at her grandpas house. I want to do something fun for her about her video. I'm asking you to watch it and then comment on what you think of it. How you think she did. I think she did great but then again I'm only mom and I guess that's what I'm supposed to say. At least that's what Roc tells me! So let her hear from some of you who are not her mom on how she did, she will listen to you! LOL



  2. I love Roc's video. I followed your journey to bring the kids home and I am so excited you are adopting again! Congratulations on that :)

  3. here are my thoughts on the video. first I LOVE the choice of song. it was SO perfect! I love that the focus was on the faces and only a few choice words to get the message across but leaving the watcher with those faces in their memory. I also liked that there were children of all different colors and countries. there are children in need everywhere. Can I share it? I love it and it says exactly what I would want to say. I would love to post to my own blog but will wait for permission.

  4. Roc,

    We are soooo proud of you!!!! You did a GREAT job on the video and we loved it!

    You are such an amazing young woman and I am honored to know you. Love you sooooo much,

    Kit (and Alicia and Ken)


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