Thursday, February 17, 2011


There is a little boy that we met at the orphanage and his name is Jonah. A blogging friend who has such a way with words, is advocating for him. Julia knows first hand the outcome that awaits this little boy if his family does not go get him! Jonah is a quiet little boy. He does what he is told without hesitation....well, unless Roc is in the room. Roc went up to Jonah's room one day while she was exploring the orphanage. Jonah and another little boy were making their beds. Roc saw them and decided that what fun is making a bed when I can chase them!! So she started chasing them around the room. Jonah was laughing and having so much fun! The caretaker was telling him to keep making his bed but of course he was having way to much fun with Roc and chose getting yelled at instead! (mean Roc getting the little kids in trouble!!!) When Roc had to leave she walked out the door and Jonah ran after her. He stopped at the door to look for her but then got yelled at once again by the caretaker. We did notice that since he was more "capable" of doing chores he was expected and did more of them while the other kids were fooling around. We never saw him outside the whole time we were there! Not sure why?!
His spirit is slipping away from the years of not having the luxury of being the little boy he was meant to be!
He is very tiny, smart and a loving little boy and if someone does not chose him for their son, I'm going back for him!!! I love this little boy and he has SO much potential!!! Please search your hearts and see if Jonah is part of your family! If he is not, please donate to help his family go get him!

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  1. Yes, will be praying for this little precious boy. I have seen him on a few blogs already.
    Praying, praying, praying...


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