Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Girl in Colombia

I don't know if you remember me talking about a 14 yr old girl in Colombia that we are trying to bring home.  A lot of problems are preventing us in doing so but we still consider her to be part of our family!  Anyway, she was going to be celebrating her 15th birthday along with 2 other girls.  Your 15th birthday is a big thing and they make a huge celebration out of it.  I'm glad she is in an orphanage that really takes care of these girls and gives them much opportunity to do the things one would do if they had a family.  She wanted us to fly there to celebrate with her and the other girls but unfortunately that was not an option for us!!!!  We told her we would send her a dress and shoes for the occasion and my search was on!  We found a 255.00 prom dress marked down to 40 bucks at Davids Bridal!!!  I had to do some minor repair work on the beads by sewing some back on tighter and then added a few here and there but all in all turned out great!  We just sent the dress, shoes and a note telling her to have FUN and that she was LOVED!!!
We just received this email from her letting us know how thankful she was and how happy it made her that we loved her enough to do this for her and that she loved and missed us!
What  a small price to pay to make someone feel truly loved and wanted!!!  One day she will be home!
What a BEAUTY, dont ya think?!?!?!

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  1. Oh sure, DELETE my post!! ha ha ha
    I was just asking how you are all doing and if you are getting prepared for your 2 angels to come home soon. Do you know when you will travel? Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments :) Oh, and I said that yes, the girl on your post is just BEAUTIFUL.

    Take Care,


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