Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guess what we did???

So from the 8th of December until the 14th we have all been sick!!  And when I say All and Sick, that's what I mean.  Poor Charley started it and Ken finished it.  The only one not hit was James.  I kept him home for a few days hoping he wouldn't spread the nasty germ to his class mates.  I wanted to keep him home one more day but he was begging me to go back to school.  I think he was sick of being around sick people!!

On the 7th though is when you have to guess what Roxana and I did.  I will even give you some picture hints to help you. Hint 1:  Wee hours in the morning.  You can see Roc in the white coat with her two thumbs up!

Okay, hint 2:  We got inside where it was warm and a bomb sniffing dog went all around.

Still need more clues???

Okay, Clue 3: 

Yup, we stood in line to meet former Governor Sarah Palin and of course the First Dude.  Roxana was so excited to meet and talk with her it was crazy.  If you dont know us, you can say we are a pretty political family.  I read another families blog who is adopting through RR who met Ms. Palin also and blogged about it.  Man oh man the comments she received.  So whoever out there that doesnt like Palin or anything she stands for, you can just stop reading now.  We here at the Fritz Farm LOVE her and pretty much everything she stands for.  Of course the first thing Roc told her was that her grandpa loved her.  She got a big kick out of that!  While Roc was talking with Sarah that left me to talk to who else but Todd!  Not a problem for me!!  Roc and Grandpa were kidding me telling me that they think he may be married.  I just said, oh you mean that lady sitting next to him!  hehehe!  Hey, what happens and the Mall of America stays at the Mall of America!
All kidding aside, they were very nice to us and we even got to meet her aunt Katie and Trig!  He is sooooo cute!    Oh, and Roc was in the Star Tribune because someone their interviewed her. 

Crowds cheer as Palin arrives for book-signing: [Star Tribune, Minneapolis]
"I just really think she's inspirational," said Roxana Fritz, of Cottage Grove. The 14-year-old, who came to the mall with her mother, said she thinks Palin would be a great president -- she'd keep taxes low, drive down the national debt and do military policy right, Fritz said. "She would do a lot to help this country."
I don't think anyone was more proud of her than her grandpa!!  We had to go buy a paper for him so he could show anyone that stops by!  To Funny!!!
It was a very long morning, but we met some really fun people and got three books signed.   One for Roc, one for grandpa's Christmas present and one for our blog auction.  So if you want one be sure to check back in February for our auction!

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  1. We love her here too! She's awesome.

    Jodi Lewandoski


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