Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well the time has finally come. Three kids from two different countries are waiting for us to come bring them home! I said I wanted them all home by the end of June and it looks like that is just what is going to happen. Please pray for my kids staying behind. Family and friends holding down the fort while we are gone. And also all my four legged kids who will wonder where I am. It definitely gets harder to travel when we are leaving so many more kids at home! But SO worth it!


  1. Nance!! I can't wait to see your new additions!! God speed!! Praying for your family here & you as you go!!

  2. Oh nance, I'm so happy to read this post...and excited. I can't wait to see them when you get home. Hugs

  3. PRAYING for you guys! Safe travels! I'm so very excited for you guys!

  4. I've been stalking you for this day - WHOOOO HOO!! I cannot wait to meet you whole family! Safe travels, and good luck!

  5. hey girl!you won the casey weigand art giveaway!!!! i know your traveling, but email me your shipping info asap!!! ! CONGRATS!

  6. YAY!!!! I am SO EXCITED for you!! I totally understand your need to be cryptic about things, but of course my inquiring (and nosey!!!) mind wants all of the details!! I hope you do lots of posts while you are gone to keep us (okay ME!!) informed! :)

    I will send your family hugs and prayers, especially the furry babies because they DON'T know what's going on!!! I felt guilty every day we were gone, and they missed us so much! Thank God my mom flew out here to watch them!!!

    Kari :)


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