Saturday, April 10, 2010

Asking for your prayers

As you all know we are adopting Dennis also.  He had a reprieve until May.  When in May we have no clue, could be May 1 or May 31.  We can not seem to get an answer to this question.  We asked the same question for Josh and Luke too as they could be transferred at any time.  The director of their orphanage said that they would keep them there for us.  We just can't seem to get any information on his transfer date or if they even know we are coming for him. 
Please, when you have some time, pray for us to get their in time.  Before they transfer him.  Pray that they know we are on are way.  Our dossier is in his country and it is really just a matter of weeks before we can get to him.  I have seriously thought of going their now to see what I could do, but I don't know what exactly I could do.  If anyone has any suggestions on any of this please let me know!  And above all else please send a prayer or two!

Thanks so much!


  1. YOu got them.... Praying so hard that your little ones STAY where they are... my little one has already been transferred and so you can pray for him as he is in such a 'not so good place.'

    Julia- adopting Aaron!!

  2. Oh no, I wonder why they can't just let you know how he's doing. You got the prayers from me though.

  3. Praying for you Nance! Oh, how I hope you get them ALL home soon!
    I can't even imagine how stressful this is on you...
    But try not to worry, it will all work out just the way it's supposed to :) It's just so hard to wait and wonder....


  4. You could pay someone to visit the orphanage....and take some photos of your family and perhaps a donation to show how serious you are... we did this 3 years ago to help keep a child at the baby orphanage for longer...

    kolberlm at

  5. I've just seen at RR that you're adopting Dennis! I'm so happy! I've been praying so much for that little boy.. I hope everything goes well with your adoption, you got my prayers

  6. Hi! I'm Stephanie Nance and I am headed to the same orphanage for Alec and Zhenya. I'm so glad that I finally found your blog. I've been praying like crazy that you would be able to get to Dennis in time. His birthday is the same as my youngest daughter, so he's really been on my mind. Godspeed! Can't wait for you to get your travel date. Maybe you could sneak a photo or two for me?!


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