Thursday, January 7, 2010

A 15 yr Old Girl

While we were on Christmas break one of the things we did was call Kaylee's friends from her orphanage.  There are 15 girls living there as of today.  If any of the girls have a foster mom or an aunt or some kind of extended family they can go visit them on their break.  The good news is 13 girls were gone and we couldn’t talk with them.  The bad news is 2 of the girls had no place to go and were the only 2 girls left in the house.  One of the girls Kaylee did not know and the other was one of the girls I met and Kaylee’s friend.  So we ended up talking with her for close to an hour.  One of the things she asked me was if I could please find her a family.  It’s so sad to here someone ask this!  We have thought about going to get her knowing she would be easy, but expensive to adopt but........OUR girl is still their and I know don't think she would understand us taking her friend instead of her.  We just can’t do something like that to our Colombian daughter.  So Im going to do what she asked me to do.  Im going to try to find her a family.  She is 15 and will turn 16 in early July so it does not leave a lot of time but I'm going to try anyway!!!  Here are some pictures of her and a couple of her with our two girls, the one living with us and the one still living in Colombian.

These were taken when we brought Kaylee to say good bye last November.  If any one is interested or knows someone that may be interested PLEASE let me know.  These girls are all such good girls!

I saw this video on another blog.  Its Michael Franti singing his song Have a Little Faith.  I love Michael Franti and all his songs!  The kids and I dance around to his song "I love you"!  To Fun!  But this video fits in so well with my journey on finding a family for a 15yr old sweetheart!

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