Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kaylee part 2

Since Kaylee has only been here less than a year it obviously wont be as long as Licas or Rocs.  But I do have more to tell you about Kaylee!  She is a very artistic girl.  She draws like you would not believe.  She makes little things out of paper......she can make anything out of paper.  She makes things out of beads, yarn, and rope.  And she is just now learning how to sew with a sewing machine.  She designs a outfit she likes on paper and then takes bits of fabric and sews them by hand for Jerlins barbie dolls!  Cool!  Because she was older when she came home we thought her language transition would be the most difficult.  Not so, she wanted to learn English so bad she was speaking and writing within the first two months.  She doesn't understand and always asks me why I am so emotional.  I see a sad movie, I cry.  I see all the orphans, I cry.  She tells me her story when she was younger, I cry.  I see a dead dog on the side of the road, I cry.  And its not just sad stuff......I see a movie with a great ending, I cry.  I see my kids do something sweet, I cry.  A woman at our garage sale gave us a 10 dollar donation, I cried!  She just doesn't get me.  But then again most people don't.  I think the thing I LOVE about her most is her sick sense humor, like mine.  Grandpa tells her the joke about the guy going to the doctor and says doctor, doctor it hurts my arm when I do says, don't do that.  Guy says, I want a second opinion.........Okay the doctor says, your ugly too!  She cant get enough of that stupid joke.  She tells everybody and laughs like it was the first time she heard it.  She asks me "mom, don't you think that is funny"?  I tell her Maybe the first time I hear (not so much) but defiantly not the 100th time I hear it!!!  Grandpa is in heaven cuz he finally has someone to laugh at all his silly jokes!  When we switched her to private school she learned that she has TONS of homework every night.  Unfortunately I need to help her, every night.  So when she walks in the house I look at her and say, do we have homework again tonight????  She answers, well you sent me to that school!!!  To Funny!

Kaylee is very sweet and caring and is sooooooooo happy to be in a family and have a real mom.  One that is really there for her.  She loves to hear about mine and Kens past on how we met, why we dated, why we married.  She even made me get my wedding dress out so she could try it on.  Once she saw it she asked how I ever fit into it......told ya she was FUNNY!

Then she made had Lica try it on.........

The she really had to scream beg for Roc to try it on.......

It was to much fun!!!  The sweetest thing she ever asked me was "Mom, why do I love you so much"?  Because I love you more Kaylee, I love you more!"

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  1. What a sweet story of your precious children, thanks for sharing!


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