Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Girls Who Want A Family

These two girls who are now 3 and 11 are looking for a home, a family.  Please help get the word out for these two beauties!!!  The older girl, Sabine is very close to her younger sister Daphka.  Time could run out for Sabine because of her age and they may split the girls up to give Daphka a better chance at being adopted.  You can get more information from Mindy at A Love Beyond Borders.

Please keep these girls in your prayers!!!


Gender: Girl
Age: 2
Gender: Girl
Age: 10
Country: Haiti
Description: These two beautiful little girls are living in Haiti and waiting for their forever family. We know it will be difficult to place two children, especially so different in age. But we do believe the right family is out there. They are currently in the process of having all of their medical testing completed. Those results will be available soon. We have more pictures of these little ones for interested families.
Each trip to Haiti always leaves me with at least one experience that changes me forever. On my most recent trip it was meeting these two children. These little girls are sisters. I spoke at length with the older of the two girls, with the help of a translator, to see if she really understood what being adopted means. I wanted to be sure that she understood and wanted this for herself because of her age. She assured me that she did want to be adopted, and her biggest concern was making sure that her little sister was safe and well cared for. She has made the decision to be adopted, not out of a dream for a better future for herself, but out of the love of wanting to be with her little sister. She shared how she helped to get her sister dressed to come to the orphanage the day we met her. I don't think she understood my tears, but she certainly understood my promise to her to do all I could do to find her and her sister their forever family. These little girls have been raised in a Christian family, and therefore we are seeking a family that will continue taking them to church and celebrate their beliefs.
For more information, please contact:
A Love Beyond Borders
2022 Hudson Street Suite 100-B
Denver, CO 80207
Phone: 303-333-1572

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  1. Do you know which orphanage these girls are living in? I am praying that they are ok and were not in one of the orphanages damaged by the earthquake.(God bless you and your family, and congratulations on being able to bring Dennis home along with the others!)Carol


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