Monday, September 7, 2009

Our First Blog

Well this is our first blog. Lets see, I got the kids ready for their first day of school tomorrow. Lunches are packed, baths are done, hair for Kaylee is straitened, Roc FINALLY found what she wants to wear, I trimmed James hair up a little and now I get to sit for a little bit.
We committed to bring Dania home yesterday, her 4th birthday. Filled out the application for Reeces Rainbow and wrote my first of many checks to bring this little girl home! I'm tired! And to think, its only just begun!! Hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend, I know we did!



  1. OMG Nance - what a great story! You and Ken have done so much for so many children. How blessed all of you are. I am SO on board with assisting you. I am going to do something, not sure exactly what yet, but something that will help with your journey. What a wonderful family you have - lots of hard work - but so worth it.
    Love and Angel Kisses,

  2. Hey Nance-

    This is Katie, Karen's daughter, and she's shown me your blog. what a wonderful family you and Ken have created for these children, "your" children, that's awesome! I couldn't be happier for you guys, especially your beautiful kids! good luck getting Dania-I'm sure she'll be "home" in no time! :) I'll pray for you all and keep you in my thoughts. Take care!

    xoxoxo, KT


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